Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sleepy Sunday

I slept in till midday today. I set my alarm for 10am, but i wasn't really intending to get up by then any way. I just didn't want to wake up and discover it was 5pm in the evening :)

I tried to make some chips again today since i've had these potatoes sitting in my cupboard for quite a while now. I decided to boil them first so that i wouldn't have to fry them so long to cook the things. Only problem was i got a bit sidetracked doing some revision while i was doing that - so when i went to turn off the stove, the potatoes look more like mush than anything else. For anybody who's tried deep frying mush before, you'll know it doesn't work too well :)

In the end though, they turned out okay. They tasted kind of like ... crispy mashed potato ... (okay well it was crispy mashed potato). But what didn't turn out okay was the pot. That was quite black and needed a lot of scrubbing and hot water to get it clean. Ah the joys of cooking.

That's about the most interesting thing i did all day i think. So far (it's 9.13pm now) i haven't even left my room so there's not a whole lot else to write about unfortunately... Till then~

1 comment:

nanshii said...

haha guess what... i did today exactly what u didnt wanna do... ie wake up and discover that it was already 5pm in the evening :)