Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tuesday Stuff

I think i need to stop taking naps in the afternoon. Especially when i always manage to oversleep... I just worked out why as well - i changed the time on my alarm clock instead of changing the alarm lol. Anyway it's like 9 o clock now so i can't really be bothered to cook myself dinner tonight - i'll just eat some instant noodles.

Today, school was on as normal for the first time in what feels like ages. Reason being Keio won the baseball game yesterday 8-2~! Apparently there was a huge parade all the way back from the stadium to the campus (yeah, they walked the whole way back lol). Unfortunately, at that time i was at home probably sleeping.

Class was fairly usual - had our regular kanji test today and learnt a few random bits of vocab which i have already forgotten now. Yuki msged me to have lunch after class though, so i got some proper Japanese practice too. Somehow whenever we try to meet up something always goes wrong though. Like i think Yuki hasn't been able to come to any thing outside uni because of some huge report she had to write... and then the other time we went to eat lunch, i managed to be about 20 minutes late because i didn't realise where we were meant to meet. Today too, i was waiting where i said to meet - but then decided to walk off to the other cafeteria with Matthias and Ben when she hadn't turned up for a little bit. Of course, when i was msging to change the venue, she called wondering where i was lol. Anyway in the end it was okay because neither of us had class in period 3, so we had plenty of time.

Anyway i think i should probably try to do some homework or something seeing as i've wasted the last 5 hours sleeping. Hopefully that will make me sleepy enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

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