Sunday, November 14, 2004

What can you buy with one hundred yen?

Most of today i spent doing homework. It takes me so long to go through one Japanese newspaper article it's quite frustrating. I did eventually get through the two i had, but afterwards i really didn't have enough motivation left to do much else.

As a result, i spent the next few hours reading my ebook until dinner time. Tonight, three of us from the dorm went out to eat at a place not too far from here. Ben felt like exploring the neighbourhood a little; i didn't particularly feel like cooking; and Kris had managed to go the whole day without eating anything (well, he only got up at about 4pm apparently so that wasn't such a great feat i suppose).

It was a little yaki-niku place (you have a little grill thing in front of you where you cook the meat). Kris and I just tried various kinds of marinated meats that didn't look too strange, while Ben had some veggie stir-fry thing and then some eel combination dish with rice. All in all it was quite a good meal, but more expensive than was expected too (we ended up paying about 2000 yen each).

On the way home we found something interesting though. As we were walking past the second hand store that's near our dorm, we noticed a new basket full of stuffed toys. At first we thought they were only 100 yen each - and Kris found a cool looking Pikachu to buy. When we looked at the sign properly though, it turns out it was actually 詰め放題 (or stuff as much as you can into one bag and it will cost you 100 yen). Sooooo we got a few other miscellaneous things too :)

What was more interesting though, was while Kris and I were rummaging through the pile of Hello Kitty dolls and other weird Japanese characters, Ben found a chair on sale. The price? 100 yen. None of us could really believe it - it's really quite a nice chair. We decided that for the good of all the people living in our dorm, we'd buy it and put it in the lounge downstairs ~ I think that's probably the best 100 yen any of us has spent in Japan so far.

Without further ado, here is the chair that cost 100 yen (and some of the soft toys we got too...)

Anyway, that's enough procrastinating for one night i think~ Homework time :(

P.S As for prices and stuff here, the 'melty kiss' chocolates i got the other day were about 260 yen for the pack (only about 65g net weight tho); and the all you can eat shabu-shabu that other night came to about 3000 yen per head. How much you spend here really varies quite a lot on where you go, but the all you can eat and drink for 3000 yen is probably about as cheap as that comes. You can certainly get a meal that will keep you full (if not so drunk) for a lot less though.


nanshii said...

you guys bought a CHAIR for 100yen (nice one too!) ??? thats taking 100yen shopping to a whole new level LoL

kAgE said...

lolz i reckon nancy has too much spare time =p

hwangus said...

that pikachu's cute... get me a 100 yen doll, will ya?