Friday, December 03, 2004

Badminton Recreation Day

Slept in till about 1pm as i tend to do on Thursdays when i don't have anything pressing to do. And was quite productive in the afternoon - I managed to finish some homework before it was time to head off to badminton.

What was special about today's badminton session was it was the 納会 (last session of the year). So instead of normal training we had a 'recreation' day. What does that mean? Well have a look down below:

Basketball anybody?

We spent most of our normal 30 minutes warm-up time running around with basketballs, volleyballs and some weird foam things instead of stretching. Needless to say, i think the whole badminton team sucks pretty badly at anything not involving a badminton racket, myself included. I have some fun movie clips of people trying to play basketball which i can't post up here...

We ended up playing dodgeball for the first half hour or so and then moved on to soccer. For some reason we decided that the only way to score a goal was by heading the ball in, which made it a 0-0 game. (Despite some valiant attempts to crawl past the goal keepers, heads down). Eventually somebody from the other team (by fluke) kicked the ball really hard into somebody else's unsuspecting head and scored... We had to change the rules in the second half - but unfortunately that only led to another own goal by my team resulting in a 2-0 loss. Determined to get revenge we played another game of dodge ball - which my team lost as well.

After that i think we were slowly realising that we needed some badminton so we set up a mini team tournament between ourselves, comprising two singles games; two doubles games; and one mixed game.

Getting ready for our mini-tournament

The two girls 高橋さん(Takahashi-san) and 本出さん(Motode-san) **EDIT: Changed those ちゃんs into さんs. Can't use chan with surnames! Thanks Yuuki!** were designated the team captains so that they wouldn't inadvertently both end up on one team. Despite much clapping and cheering on my team's part, we lost. Quite badly too.

The results ... (weird how we all got 12 points huh)

My team is the one on the right. The open circles mean 'win'; the coloured in circles mean 'loss'. Notice the lack of open circles on my team's side :) Now i should probably point out that the teams were actually different for dodge ball and soccer etc - so it wasn't the same people losing every time. It was just me that seemed to be on the losing team everytime hehe. Still, it was a really fun change from the normal serious training sessions we have.

Went to some other chinese food place for dinner afterwards, where i finally had something which came with a decent serving of vegetables! It was actually an oyster dish but it came served on top of some greens (choy-sum i think) fried with oyster sauce 'chinese' style!~

On the way home, since i had my camera, i thought i'd just take a picture of something i always see on my walk back. Unfortunately there is not much light at 11pm around there so this was the only shot that was worth keeping (i had to rest it on something to keep the camera still enough to take a night shot):

Yagami campus by night (in the background there)

And with that i think it's time to go have a shower~ Night all.

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