Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Party (with photos)

Well today i only woke up half an hour late!~ I woke up still dizzy though ... Somehow managed to have a shower and get myself ready for school. Woke Ben up after knocking for about 5 minutes on his door... Apparently after i decided to sleep last night, a few of them stayed even later watching some stuff on TV. I hope we didn't make enough noise to cause any more complaints from the neighbours (as we already got a warning from our resident dorm assistant the other day regarding noise complaints).

As for last night's party, it was a whole heap of fun. Almost everybody went to quite a bit of trouble to cook something ... and everything was really nice. The range of food was all pretty much asian, seeing as the vast majority of the people who showed up were either Korean or Chinese. There was some interesting western style お好み焼き (Japanese pancakes) with ham and cheese inside too courtesy of one of our American representatives hehe. I made some curry, which i thought i made too hot by adding a lot of chilli to, but everyone seemed to be quite okay with it. Unfortunately though, I managed to be the only person to think of cooking rice out of everybody who came. I ended up eating my curry with Kou-san's fried rice :) Later Kris turned up with his rice cooker which was good though.

Souhei, Asli and Hyun-Jyung all came along too. I think they all probably got an overly good impression of how fun it is to live in the dorm - although i really can't complain, i wish everybody would turn up to the lounge like last night more often.

After eating (and sort of cleaning up) we played this blindfolded hide-and-seek kind of game. Restricted to the lounge. Basically, one person is blind folded in the middle of the room, and their job is to wander around and find somebody, and name them. Not as easy as it sounds, when all you have is your sense of touch to go on. Except when you find Kris - who has a shaved it which kind of stands out lol. After blindfolded hide-and-seek... Everybody else is allowed to move until the person stops spinning, at which point you have to stay on the spot you are standing (you can try to avoid the blind folded person any way you like, as long as you have at least one foot planted where you started though). It is a lot of fun, and very difficult when you don't know half the people's names. We did write them all up on the board - but seeing as you are blindfolded when you need to know them it's not all that useful.

The other side of the room

The other other side

After that, i popped back to my room to clean my dishes. I for some reason didn't feel like sleeping and headed back down not too long after though. Where i really can't remember what we did exactly now. It involved alcohol though...

Today, gave my speech in 発表授業 (presentation class) which went well ... I was surprised i could still remember it. Afterwards, had conversation partner session (last one for 2004! and possibly the last one with Souhei too :( ... he's going to be busy over January unfortunately). I left really early though, because i had to meet up with Min-Kyung to go get a present for the ski trip christmas party. After grabbing some McDonalds (that's only like ... the second or third time i've eaten it here, ever, i think), we just went to Shinagawa station to find something. Funnily enough i bought the very first thing i saw in the very first shop we went to lol. It was this little shoe-scenting teddy bear (a perfumed teddy bear that fits in your shoes basically). Min-Kyung didn't take much longer either so we were done in like 15 minutes hehe. Speed shopping :)

Chilled for a bit with Aaron since getting back home ... Actually it was probably more than a bit. It's already approaching 10pm and i haven't done anything productive except buy dinner from the convenience store and eat it. I shall go get started on my second last bit of homework for 2004! :)

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