Saturday, December 11, 2004

Clubbing in Shibuya

After class yesterday i met up with Yuuki and Simone for coffee. Aaron, Ben and his conversation partner ended up coming along too and we sat around for a good two hours. We had dinner at a place nearby which is just opposite the Mita campus... The food came out pretty quick and was actually pretty good for a 700 yen meal. When i start staying at school to study more i think i'll go there again.

More interestingly though i went clubbing last night with Min-kyung, her sister (who just arrived in Tokyo for a holiday yesterday) and this club/society called IRR (i forgot what it stands for now - international something or other). IRR is actually the club that is organising the ski trip over Christmas so i thought this would be a good chance to meet them. We were originally meant to meet at 7pm; but that time got moved to 7.30. I ended up getting there about 8pm hehe :)

Despite that, when we actually got to Xanadu (a bar/club place) there was actually a private event on until 9pm so we had about an hour to chill anyway. Just ended up having some (more) coffee at the shop right next door to the club.

Xanadu is actually quite a nice place to just sit and talk despite boasting some rather large-loud-looking speakers. There are lots of little bar tables and stools around the place and the music isn't so loud that it's difficult to hear each other. With a few exceptions, the IRR people and us foreigners were a little bit stand-offish unfortunately. Of the fifteen or so of them there, i think i only met about 5. Still, there was plenty of alcohol and i think most people had a really good time.

Min-Kyung; Ji-Hee; Me; Jun; Carol (Min-Kyung's sis) at Xanadu

Me and Osu (actual name Yuu-san)

When it got to about 11.40 though, the party sort of ended. Most of the IRR members didn't want to stay out all night, and needed to catch the last train home. Seeing as we only got there at 9pm though, about half of us exchangees didn't feel like going home. After about 15 minutes deliberation we managed to convince the other half plus two of the IRR dudes to stay out too :)

We went to Club Buenos which was a short walk from Xanadu. When we got there it was empty. Seriously we were six of about the ten people in the club. As it got later though, it got increasingly crowded until it came to the point of hardly being able to move lol. It was R&B night - but there wasn't any popular R&B at all. Everything (that i remember) was actually sung live by various Japanese groups. That was fun at first, but after about 3 hours started to lose its sparkle...

Min-kyung and Carol at Club Buenos

Outside Club Buenos

In the end we ended up getting out of the club at about 3:30 or so - at which point Min-Kyung, Carol and Ji-Hee took a taxi home. The rest of us had another hour and a bit till the first train, so we went off to grab some food from one of the Japanese-style fastfood places called 'Matsuya'. Basically it's a place that serves rice dishes - really quickly, and really cheaply. I had some large set thing which came with a raw egg too. I think it was probably just as well the alcohol had worn off by that time since being really tired, drunk and trying to eat raw eggs doesn't go down too well.

I managed to catch the very first Yamanote-line train and the very first Yokosuka-line train home too! That got me home in record time for a night out - i got back to my room at 5.30am! I took a few cool looking shots of the view from my balcony (it's always so nice to stand outside around then because it's so quiet, and the air is really nice and fresh)... It was actually pretty much black when i took these shots, but with some extended shutter times they come out quite well.

Twilight in Shinkawasaki

Anyway i am going to have a shower and get myself some food! Laters.

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