Friday, December 10, 2004

Cooking cookies?

Sorry i haven't posted for so long ppls. I keep running out of time when i have class on Mondays through Wednesday. Every night i seem to manage to stay up till 2am finishing off my homework - before having to drag myself out of bed at 7am the next morning to go to school again. Anyway let me think what i got up to:

Had a test in class. It was one of the harder tests we've had because it was on chapter 7, which was the chapter where everything suddenly started getting a lot harder than before (i.e. the sentences got a lot longer, the grammar got more advanced, the vocab got harder). I think in the end it was okay, but a lot of people didn't even manage to finish. Teachers really don't seem to care here because they just told whoever wanted to have more time to go to their office after lunch and finish it off.

After lunch, i went with Ben to have a look at some travel packages to Osaka/Kyoto for the Christmas break. We really had (and still have) no idea what we wanted to do, but we did get some information about youth hostels and stuff down there. I am going to have a fair bit of time free after i finish semester in January anyway so i might end up going to kansai then.

Plans for Christmas so far are skiing in Nagano-ken with Min-Kyung (some club from Keio which i've never met is organising it). Have yet to get details on that though :(

I just remember that i was really bored in class. Came home straight afterwards, and wasted the whole night sitting on MSN/ICQ. Remind me not to do that when i intend to go out the next few days :(

Today (Thursday):
Well today was extremely cold. The temperature suddenly dropped down to like, 12 degrees, and with the wind-chill factor it felt colder. Oh and i actually have something interesting to write about too. I visited Souhei today (i just met him on Monday at the conversation partner meeting). He really lives quite close to me - about a 10 minute walk from Shinkawasaki station. However, all up because it already takes me 15 minutes to walk to Shinkawasaki station, it is a 25 minute walk from my room. Still, it's a lot closer than anybody else i've met so far :)

A couple of Souhei's friends came over too, and Simone and Tony (Souhei is actually Tony's conversation partner) came as well. The point of the gathering? It was one of Souhei's friend's birthdays tomorrow, so today was cookie making day. The two girls, Star-chan (Yumika i think is her actual name) and Osa-chan (her real name was Osada i think) brought an ambitious looking recipe along with them. Basically, the idea was to make a cottage (complete with icing for snow) out of big cookies. It even had a chimney and a door. In the picture, it also had a little cookie animal sitting next to it - but they opted to skip making that, which Tony was quite disappointed about.

Well if you think that sounds complicated, it was. After having lunch (we just bought some stuff from the supermarket to Souhei's place), we spent at least another 2 hours there working out measurements and things so we knew how much ingredients to buy. Well, i should correct myself there and say that Star-chan and Osa-chan spent 2 hours working out stuff; Me, Simone, Tony just sat there watching. Souhei spent most of the time running back and forth trying to get the recipe printed so that we'd know what to buy at the supermarket.

An hour later we'd managed to go to the supermarket, come back and get ready to start preparing everything. I don't know if they have the saying 'too many cooks spoil the broth' in Japanese, but i think we were verging on it today. There was a total of 7 of us there... If you consider the size of an average Japanese place (and Souhei's place was actually relatively nice and spacious) that's about 5 too many people :)

Anyway here are some photos:

Star-chan, Osa-chan and Ten-geng-san in the kitchen

Simone hiding behind the furawaa (flour), and Tony trying to work out how to use the sieve (it was one of those mechanical things - but it got stuck half way through sifting the 900 grams of flour we needed)

This is Me, Souhei and Tony ALL trying to work out how to use the sieve~

We did eventually figure out that we just needed to hit it a bit to unblock it by the way :) By the time we'd done that though, it was already verging on 4 o clock and seeing as i had training it was getting near to being time to go :( I almost skipped going to training so i could eat some of the cookies - but in the end i felt bad about not telling the badminton guys i wasn't coming and left at about 5 pm. I will have to ask Tony how the cookies turned out.

At training today there was only 6 of us there for the most part (including myself) so i suppose it was just as well i went. We didn't even set up all four courts since there was so few of us. I suppose a lot of people are studying for exams and stuff at the moment... Anyway, i need sleep.

Oh, and i have a favour to ask. Could all of you who read this post, stick a comment up?~ I just want to see how many people actually bother looking at this thing regularly (or bother READING until the end hehe). Thanks everyone :)


quebeck said...

I read it!! Can I have a cookie now? :)

Oh hey if you come across some Rena Tanaka memorabilia can you pick some up for me?

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I read most of it... skipped the last half or so, then saw soh's comment about a cookie, so I thought I'd read the last paragraph.

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sounds like fun :P

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i read it!!!

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omg terence has blogs?
watch out gerard -=p