Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It's been 4 days...

Since i last blogged. The gaps between blogs seems to be getting longer these days. Definitely have to make an effort to keep it updated regularly.

Slept from about 6am till about 11:30am after the night out on Friday. I don't know why i woke up then - i didn't even set my alarm that early. But i figured for the sake of having a reasonable sleeping pattern, getting up then wasn't such a bad thing.

Seeing as i wasn't going to class (figured it wasn't worth rushing to school just for my afternoon class), i tried to call Carol (Min-Kyung's sis) to see if she wanted to go walk about Shibuya. She must have either been sleeping still, or already out and about coz nobody answered. Min-Kyung somehow still went to class that morning (although the fact that if she misses one more saturday class she will fail is probably partly the reason for that). So, i spent Saturday tidying up my room, doing a little bit of revision, and generally having a good recovery day :)

On Saturday nite i had a chat to Ben for a while about Christmas travelling plans. We were originally planning to go to the Kansai-area (where Osaka/Kyoto is), but seeing as I will be in Nagano-ken for the first week Ben thought he might go up north by himself for a bit. While we didn't really work out what to do exactly, we decided to each call up some youth hostels and stuff on Sunday to at least find out about availability over the new year period.

Well on Sunday i didn't call a single youth hostel and neither did Ben. Ben spent the whole day writing an essay that he was meant to hand in last week (i think). I on the other hand, went to Shinagawa to study with Simone and Tony (well, we went off and ate lunch first for about 3 hours ... before settling down to freeze in the Starbucks at Shinagawa station...). The starbucks at Shinagawa is in a kind of 'open-ended' mall, which means it can be quite breezy there. Definitely not a good thing when the max temp was about 10 degrees.

Overall i think i probably did about as much work as i'd normally do at home there (which isn't a whole lot i guess hehe) - since instead of having a computer (BLOGGER) to distract me i had people to talk to. Was a nice day out though - and getting home from there only takes 30 minutes!

Oh and while i was chatting to Simone/Tony about my dillemma over what to do during New Years, the idea of visiting either Hong Kong or Korea came up. Tony's going back to Korea over new years while Simone is going back to Hong Kong. That got me thinking and by Sunday evening i was checking flight availability/prices online.

After class i went to the travel agent at school to see about tickets to HK/Korea. Seeing as i had left it so late, my expectations weren't too high. The lady i spoke to there was really helpful and i found out most of what i wanted to know. The main thing was, there were still seats available on flights to HK/Korea over new years...

Afterwards had conversation partner meeting as usual. Except we sort of swapped partners this week. Simone/Asli and I spoke with Souhei, while Tony/Chris talked with our usual partners (Mari and Yuka). Didn't get as much Japanese practice as i normally do since Souhei's english is so good... Whenever i couldn't express something, i could speak in English instead of trying to figure it out in Japanese... Still, we stayed around till pretty late talking. Interestingly, unlike the rest of the world New Year's Eve/Day in Japan sounds like it's generally really quiet. Most people spend the time with family and possibly close friends .... Not going out partying/drinking. Unless maybe you go to Shibuya - where it's kind of a party every night.

Well by this morning i'd decided what i was going to do with my New Year's! After lunch, i booked myself a ticket to HK on the 27th of this month - returning on the 4th just before school starts again.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my re-entry permit (into Japan) organised from the Immigration Bureau of Tokyo - which isn't far from Shinagawa station luckily. Took quite a while though because there are so many people leaving the country around this time...

After, i went to badminton (which was the smallest training i've been to yet, 4 people including myself at the beginning). I found out that it stops next Tuesday until Feb (or late Jan) which actually fits in quite well with my plans for Christmas/New Years BUT then doesn't fit so well when i come bak hehe. I hope all the running around for the last few months doesn't get wasted in the month when i have off training :(

Well, i think it's about time for bed now. See you all~!


roslyn said...

I have been reading your blogs, so much fun, feel wasted to sleep huh...
It would be nice to have new CD's of Utada is not on sale yet. I didn't know you like Zard, me too.
Take care.

roslyn said...
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