Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Music at last

Well after buying that dvd drive last wednesday, today i finally got around to plugging it into my computer. Thankfully i didn't have to do anything to make it work except put the power cable into it - guessing the meaning of every second kanji in an instruction manual takes a lot longer than you'd think :( I also finally bought some music too...

My dvd drive (it works sideways like that hehe!) and some music CDs

The japanese style of putting a lot of effort into presentation carries over even to their CDs. That Zard album lying on my desk in the photo actually doesn't have a plastic cd case. Instead it's like a mini book with lyrics and full colour photos when you open it up (and of course the CD is in there at the back too ehe).

I had a test for my grammar class today. Everybody seemed quite worried about it yesterday but (as most of the tests here have turned out) it wasn't very hard. Unfortunately, I didn't know that yesterday and was up till about 2am last night studying for it. Well okay, i studied for it till about 12.30am, and then just ended up talking (Aaron and I decided to study in the lounge... which tends to induce more talk than study.)

Oh and later on Kris came down to watch Kill Bill (he rented it) which was quite funny. I didn't realise how bad the Japanese sounded in that movie until last night lol. (You probably won't understand the next bit unless you've actually seen Kill Bill vol 1). What was funny was when we watched the scene where the bride comes into that sushi shop and pretends she can't speak Japanese. We watched it with Japanese audio with english subs - so she's like saying that she can't speak japanese IN japanese. But the japanese definitely goes really funny in the bits where she's actually meant to be speaking in Japanese - because it goes into like baby-talk mode. Eventually i realised that i really needed to sleep more than i needed to laugh at Lucy Liu's japanese and went to bed though :)

Anyway i'm going to go learn some kanji now that i've given you all something to read and look at ~ :)

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