Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My (Possibly) Last Post for 2004

I just finished eating my dinner and packing my bags for Nagano. We're meeting at 10pm at Ikebukuro station which gives me about... one more hour here before i have to leave. I will be there until Saturday evening i think, and then on Monday morning i'm off to Hong Kong - so as the title suggests, there might not be another post before New Year. On to the (rather boring unfortunately) details:

Had class, msged Yuki for lunch but she had a presentation that she hadn't prepared for that afternoon. Instead i hung around with Hiro and Kris for a little bit (Hiro is going to England just after new years to see if he likes it enough to go on exchange there) before heading home to get ready for badminton. 'Getting ready' involved mainly taking a nap until it was time to go :) I did manage to get my homework done for today's classes before i left though.

Training was officially the last one for 2004, and quite possibly the last for my stay in Japan. They don't have training in January because that's exam period for everybody ... and i don't know if i'll be here in Tokyo in Feb. We did a LOT of multi-feed yesterday too for some reason.
After doing 5 sets of 20 shuttles of smash/net multi-feed, we did 5 x 20 of half court smash practice, and then did 20 x 20 of full court cover. I don't know how good an idea that was for me to do the whole lot given that i'm meant to be snowboarding tomorrow. My legs and feet are quite sore as i type this ~

Being the last day of class everybody was in reasonably good spirits. We had a visiting Japanese teacher from Washington University observing us in class today. I didn't realise he was there (we were told about it last week, but i sort of forgot) until after class finished though. I hope i didn't say anything too rude in my random example sentences hehe.

After lunch, i had my last grammar class of 2004 which was extremely empty. Guess a lot of people have already gone home for Christmas. After that, i said bye to Matthias/Miguel (who i have grammar class with), but i managed to run into them two more times by accident. In the end i just walked to the station with them haha.

Since then i've just been packing and getting my washing done (i didn't think leaving my shirt from last night's training unwashed for a week is a good idea). Now hopefully i can find Kris or Ben or somebody to give my unused eggs to, so that they don't go off and get wasted while i'm gone...

Anyway, in case i don't post again, everybody have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'll see you all in 2005!

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