Sunday, December 19, 2004

Quick update.

It's late again, so just a short one.

Did some homework, went to school, came straight home and did more homework/study. Got bored of doing that and went to sit in the lounge until it was time for bed. Yeh, boring day huh.

Had a test this morning (hence the study yesterday), and another one this afternoon. I need to learn more kanji still ... :( Not much to today either when i think about it unfortunately. Actually had some motivation to do some study when i got home - but i soon got a bit sleepy and had a nap until it was time to get dinner ready. Made curry tonight, and i'm planning to make curry again tomorrow as well for the dorm christmas party that is happening here. (The notice says everyone should bring food for 3-4 people so i figured that's an easy way to do it... however, it also means that if people follow instructions there will be way too much food hehe).

I was down in the lounge just before and i watched the second half of Shrek 1 (in Japanese) ... it's been so long since i've seen it that most of the jokes were quite fresh. I think i prefer the sequel still however. We might watch that tomorrow, since Chris has the DVD-twin pack with both 1 and 2 inside.

Tomorrow i'm planning to meet Souhei in the morning to go to the sports shop in Shinkawasaki so that i can get some ski goggles/gloves and things. Need to go to an ATM too which is a bit annoying since half of them close on weekends... Afterwards i need to do some study before the party (have a presentation on monday) so hopefully i won't get too sidetracked doing other things.


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