Saturday, December 04, 2004

Saturday ... again?

I'm not quite sure what happened to my week this week - i can't seem to remember what i did on each of the seven days since last Saturday. But my little alarm clock definitely says it's December 4 - so i suppose it must just be the routine of getting up and going to school starting to really blur together.

Had my economics class. Did the second part of my presentation since we ran out of time the week before. The class got very side tracked on some other random comment half way through though - so i was just standing up the front for about 30 minutes while we had a class discussion. We ran out of time to finish presenting the other part my group prepared though. This week was the sixth week it's been put off since the date it was 'due'...

I actually did some kanji study out of self-interest last night after i got home. Have you ever wondered whether it is good to listen to music while you study? Well, i now have a new theory. I think for me, music is actually helpful for me to remember things. If i'm sitting down trying to just memorise kanji, or vocab having music helps me concentrate - mainly because it stops me feeling really bored and getting sleepy. But somehow, it seems to make me able to concentrate for longer without needing to get up to stretch my legs and take a break.

On the other hand, when you have to do more analytical things like solving a problem, or just generally arranging your thoughts to form a coherent argument for an essay, listening to music seems to be more of a hinderance than a help. It is incredibly annoying to be half way through something and then get caught up listening to whatever's playing and lose your train of thought.

Had class from period 1 to period 3... Met up with Min-Kyung for lunch - but because of period three classes our lunch break is only about 45 minutes long (minus another 15 minutes for lining up and getting your food) which doesn't leave much time to do anything but eat :(

Hiro was wondering around after class today (although come to think of it, he's kind of wondering around after class everyday), and he showed me what he is doing in his english class. It looks pretty hardcore - it's basically a book put together from random facts from the New York Times. Topics range from the spread of HIV in Africa to the trend towards shame-based punishment in the US. When i asked him if he understood it though, he said he only understood the bits translated by the teacher hehe :)

Decided to try cooking something a little different tonight, so i got some chicken wings on the way home... I don't really know what i put on them exactly, but they turned out okay :)


And now i guess i should go start on that essay that i have due on monday~

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