Friday, December 17, 2004


Everything is starting to pile up now. There’s so much to do, but so little time to do it. And it’s not just the homework either. I just realized that I’m actually not going to be in Tokyo for the majority of the next three weeks, and I’ve hardly made any preparations. I need to go get some stuff for Nagano (and work out what’s happening with ski-equipment rental!); organize myself for HK; choose a topic for my term paper; study for all the tests coming up… the list goes on. Anyway, I will start with what I can do for now: blogging.

Last night I went to Yokohama International Stadium to watch Japan take on Germany in an international friendly. Jakob very kindly organized the whole thing and got the tickets shipped all the way from Germany (he bought them through the German soccer association or something I think). Our seats were really good – had a good view and lots of happy German supporters. I think I might have preferred to sit down with the Japanese fans though who seemed to be more energetic even when Japan conceded a goal, or two, or three. So yeah unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who’s side you are on) Japan lost to Germany 3-0 in the end.

Go-go Japan!~ (see what i mean about being enthusiastic? that was one huge flag)

There was about 10 of us all together who were meant to meet at the stadium at 7pm – in the end we met up closer to 8pm for a variety of reasons: mine mainly being my own disorganization. But poor Rim actually went to the wrong stadium (there’s another stadium in Yokohama for baseball called Yokohama Stadium – as opposed to Yokohama International Stadium), but still somehow managed to get there on time.

The match itself was pretty mediocre, given that Germany was clearly the stronger team for 90% of the match. But it was definitely worth it just for the atmosphere and experience of seeing an international soccer game live. The other thing that detracted a little from the experience was how damn cold it was. I was wearing my jacket on top of two layers of clothes AND a scarf (thanks Kwokie!~) and I was shivering by the second half.

The players on field ...

The ride home (and the walk to the station) was something in itself too. Seeing as the vast majority of people here catch public transport everywhere – when you have 60,000 people crammed into one stadium who all leave at the same time, things tend to get a bit hectic. There were people all the way from the stadium to the train station when we finally got out of the stadium itself. Walking normally it probably takes about 15 minutes tops to get to the station from there. With that many people, it took about 45 minutes. Then trying to get IN to the station to get on to a train also took a good amount of time. The match finished about 10pm but we only managed to catch the second last train home which was near 12 midnight… We lost Ben and Matthias on the way back too – I have this feeling that maybe they just decided to stay out in Yokohama for the night to celebrate the German victory hehe.

Madness in the train station


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