Monday, December 06, 2004

Someone help me think of an original title...

Well, despite having to struggle with myself to get out of bed this morning, on the whole i'm quite glad i did. Today was one of those days where i was just in good spirits for no particular reason. Maybe it was just in comparison to yesterday - which i almost entirely spent doing homework (yeah that pretty sums up my whole day yesterday so i won't write anything else about it).

Oh, but on Saturday night, i watched 'Go' (without any English subtitles at all!~). Highly recommend it to anybody who likes romantic-comedies. It's a remake of 'Tokyo Love Story' I think - but it's definitely worth seeing; it's a bit like ... umm ... My Sassy Girl - Japanese style. I think i might have even enjoyed it more if i had some english subs to help me understand.

Class was a little slow today - but i'm finding that the more questions i ask the easier it is to concentrate. Even if they're not very useful questions lol. On the other hand, some of the other exchangees have started doing their homework during class to help pass the time hehe. Hopefully i won't have to resort to doing that :)

We had a joint conversation partner session today with Tony and his partner which was good fun. His partner's name is Souhei-san and he's lived in the US for a year or so. His english is amazingly good - he even has a perfect American accent~ What's really cool though, is Souhei-san lives in Shinkawasaki just like me!~ His place is really close to the station, so i guess it'll be really easy to hang out when we have free time. Kuri-chan came along again today too - but she had class in 4th period so she only got there quite late.

Oh and the other weird thing i have to jot down is that the weather's been acting funny here again. Yesterday it was about 26 or 27 degrees. Despite the fact that the night before it rained like crazy. BUT, it was 26/27 degrees with galeforce winds, so it didn't feel that hot. I actually thought my door might blow down at one point it was so strong. Today, it was back to normal Autumn/Winter weather - a cool 14 degrees with nice blue skies and a rather cold breeze. Somehow though, walking home this evening felt warmer than walking to the station this morning with the sun out. Yeah, either i'm getting sick, or the weather in Japan is just weird overall :)

Oh and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lil sister Mel~! ! !

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