Monday, January 24, 2005

Almost done!

I have one more day of "school" (well tests) before i'm done!~ Today i had my presentation thing which was pretty relaxed. Just basically said my 2 minute speech, then had a chat to Kato sensei for the next 15 minutes. Mostly about stuff not related to my speech haha.

Went to the library to study after with Simone - and amazingly i did work for the next two hours or so~! Well that was probably mainly because we were in the non-talking study area and had somebody sitting in between us ... Went and had dinner near uni after at some place that i think we agreed was called Oodoya (kanji is 大戸屋 - but we're always so lost when it comes to actually being able to say it properly...). I made sure the ppl in there knew i was foreign by reading pretty much every kanji i said wrong (not intentionally of course). Had some kimchi pork rice thing and some maccha icecream for dessert! One of the dialogues that we did in my speech class actually came in handy too so i could tell them to gimme ice cream AFTER i ate hehe.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of interesting stuff today. Will try to get some pix for next post. Till then~

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quebeck said...

Hey I'm curious, has your conversational jap improved much while being in japan? Cos from your blog it seems like you spend all your time with the other exchange students, who speak english, so you wouldn't actually have to converse in japanese much. Do you think your stay would have been more 'educational', japanese wise, if you stayed at a homestay? (I wonder, do they even have homestay programs for uni students?)