Friday, January 07, 2005

Back to School

Well class started again today. Everybody was a bit nervous about this test that was scheduled for today, but when the prof turned up it was apparently meant to be NEXT week. Below is a shot of my classroom ... that thing hanging from the roof is the overhead projector thing.

What i see when i walk in the door...

Anyway my economics class doesn't really feel like a real class because it's so informal. We kind of just of all sit there and let the professor, and maybe one or two of the students who actually have some sort of an opnion, talk for the whole period. As for my term paper, i still don't have a topic, but apparently most of us are on a pass grade already from just turning up to class so i don't need to worry so much about it i guess hehe :)

Today, two of the Japanese students made a presentation which was quite interesting - not because of the content, but because i'm starting to see why they say a lot of things in English the way they do. They have like the reverse of the problem i have when i try to speak Japanese hehe. Still their english is a lot better than my Japanese ~

Looking at the door from the other end of the classroom...

After class today i went with Jakob to get some food for the fridge which has been looking conspicuously empty since i got back from HK (i actually emptied it before i left for Nagano so that i wouldn't have funny black furry things growing in there now). That took a bit longer than expected because we ended up going to shops on both ends of Shinagawa station. I got too lazy to cook by the time we were walking home and bought a bento for dinner.

Was working on my essay (which is due tomorrow!) after that until Ben came knocking on my door with some omiyage from his trip~ Had a good chat for an hour or so; sounds like he had a really good time over Christmas wondering around the less explored areas of Japan.

I better keep this short since i still have a fair bit of homework to go before I can sleep tonight!

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