Monday, January 24, 2005


The fact that I’m leaving is starting to sink in now. I mean, of course I’ve known that I’d have to start getting my phone contract cancelled, my bank account closed, and all the rest, but it’s having to say goodbye to all the people I’ve met here that’s going to be the hardest. Being at the 別れパーティ (farewell party) last night kind of hammered the point home though I think. Okay, I’ll stop being morose now.

Saturday started off with the first of our final ‘exams’ at 9.30am. That was done by about 10.30 and we stood around chatting until it was time for lunch. After sorting out the needs of my stomach, I came home to have a nap before the party. I’m starting to really enjoy napping. Always makes you feel fresh at about 8-9pm at night ~ I got up about 5 minutes before my alarm went off again too. It’s been happening more and more lately too. Anyway I started cooking pretty much straight after I got up, but ended up having to stop half way through to go get Matthias, Miguel, Simone and Jun from the station. I made that Indian curry I bought at the supermarket the other day:



There was generally less food and less people at the farewell party than at the Christmas party about a month back, but it was still pretty lively. We amused ourselves in various ways without running out of alcohol until almost 9 o clock…

This was the photo of the night (Ben left, Matthias Right). Great face Ben haha!

The 2F contingent (plus Aaron's fingers above Simone's head)


After that Ben and Aaron went off to find some more alcohol at the local convenience store, which kept us going for quite a while. I think we hung around until about 1 or 2am in the lounge before deciding to go to karaoke down the road. People were starting to get quite tired by this stage, as can probably be seen in the following photo. Despite this, we all made a fair bit of noise screaming whatever songs or bits of songs that we thought we knew and had a good time :P

Karaoke ... check out the sleeping people!

And weren't we happy we survived the night...

Today, I got up at about 12.30pm and went off to the Starbucks at Shinagawa Station to study. Well actually the main reason was to share photos with Simone (who I might not see again after this week *sniffles* …). I’m not quite sure how long we were there, but it got dark before we did any homework. Actually we didn’t do any homework there at all I don’t think. Was fun looking back at some of the photos from a few months back when we all had just arrived here in Japan. Some people look sooo different now somehow. Had a good laugh at a lot of the photos from last night’s party too … I’m gonna miss having my study buddy when I go home… Speaking of study, I think I better go get some done before my test tomorrow.

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Cmonski said...

great summary age-chan! HAHAHA (^_-)b
you'd definitely have to come back in June to relive all the old memories in Tokyo! Perhaps by then, everyone would look even MORE different than before... maybe Ben's beard & hair will be longer, and just maybe, I will be less hyper once I start with my busy schedule [for real *sigh*]. We'll all miss you here!!!