Saturday, January 29, 2005


I'm getting really good at waking up at 2pm without an alarm... I think today is the fourth day in a row i've managed to do it. Anyway, last night i went out to a kind of 合コン(arranged group meeting session) in Shinjuku. Matthias and his friend Yuki organised it i think. In the end (after Ben pulled out due to still not having completed his homework!~) there was 4 guys and 3 girls who came. We somehow decided to have mexican food for dinner - and went to a mexican style izakaya somewhere in kabukichou. On the way i found this sign which i thought was quite amusing:

It was a bit weird at the izakaya because i couldn't remember anybody's name properly and like ... i couldn't hear what was being said down the other end of the table. After that we spent a little while trying to decide between playing pool or going to karaoke. The 飲み放題 (all you can drink alcohol) at karaoke eventually swayed us and off we went.

This is Norika, Kumiko and myself in the place

I don't think any of the girls had been to karaoke with foreigners before and they were all really shocked at how うまい(good) Matthias was. Although, come to think of it, so was i when i first heard him sing in Japanese. It's quite amazing how well he can remember the lyrics ~

Matthias, Ace and Miguel

In all we had a good mix of english songs picked mainly by Miguel, modern Japanese pop courtesy of Matthias, and some older なつかしい stuff by the gals.

Miguel, Yuki and Kumiko

I think Norika has had some sort of proper singing training because she had a really good voice... Almost put Matthias to shame. But then Matthias probably knows more jpop than all of them put together ... :)

Everyone but me.

Despite the abundance of alcohol we all seemed to be pretty sober when we came out still ...
Here's the last shot of the night just outside the karaoke place

Hopefully will have a chance to meet up with them all again. After exchanging some phone numbers and stuff we made it to the station and i somehow managed to get the last train home...

This is what i see when i walk to Hiyoshi station from the dorm (i took it walking home *from* Hiyoshi station however).. I had to rest my camera on post to do it - but i think it captures the really eerie feeling u get when u walk around there when there's nobody else around

This is Yagami river which is about 50 metres from the dorm. Really nice place to just stand and think. There's just something about the sound of rushing water...

Stayed around chatting in the dorm when i got back until quite late again... Now maybe i should go make myself some food...

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