Monday, January 31, 2005


Woke up at 3 something this afternoon. I was actually intending to go to bed early last night - but I got hungry and ended up going to get food at about 3am. Then since i didn't feel like sleeping straight after i somehow ended up playing starcraft until the early hours of the morning...

Anyway, the only interesting thing i've done today is some cooking, so that's what this post is going to be about. Thanks to Ez for giving me the idea of trying to cook something interesting using everything i had at my disposal, i set about making myself some dinner. Ingredients i can remember at the moment: salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chilli and chilli powder, garlic and butter.

Step 1: Heat butter and garlic and add chicken (medium heat)

I think what happened next was the garlic started burning so i just added some water. And must have decided that it was a good time to put in the chilli and chilli powder too.

Leave to simmer for a while. Add water as necessary.

More simmering

Add soy sauce. Oh and i think in one of those previous simmering pictures i added the oyster sauce too. Hmmm great recipe this is turning out to be.

Serve with some (non-salty) stuff like rice and scrambled eggs.

And just in case you were wondering, against all odds it actually tasted quite good... Till next time.


hwangus said...

OMG that looks GOOD

Ez said...

You know thats exactly what I said! I must be a culinary genius!