Thursday, January 20, 2005

Don't you just love the feeling

... when you finish a long essay? Well i haven't *quite* finished mine just yet, but i'm about 99% of the way there. Just a bit more drafting needed before i can print it out and hand it in tomorrow. Maybe even a graph or two.

Last night i stayed up till about 4am sort of half-heartedlywriting - but when you write for like 8 hours, even if you don't fully concentrate you still get a fair bit done. Having MSN running on the side of an essay may not be the best thing for inspiring deep and meaningful analysis, but at least it's a good cure for the boredom and frustration that can set in when you're up that late working.

Today i had to go in to school just to hand in my homework for the newspaper class. And do a survey about the quality of teaching. That was quite a waste of time just because it takes me about an hour to commute each way. It gave me an excuse to go to the supermarket at least - and i bought some meat and indian (apparently indian) curry powder for the party on saturday. Just like last time we're meant to bring food for 3-4 people - and not really trusting myself to try to make something from scratch i decided to make another curry~

Here's my random photos of the day to keep all you picture people happy:

Shinkawasaki Mitsui Building - The Entrance

That's just office buildings and stuff i think, but there are some eating places (fast food) and small shops down on the ground level. I had to walk past it to get to the supermarket ...

Next to the building...

As you can see, it was actually cloudy today. It was for some reason not very cold though - i didn't need a scarf for a change. Anyway this photo just reminded me of a pleasant observation about 'public space in Tokyo' that i'd sort of forgotten about since i got here. For all you claustrophobic people out there who are scared of coming to Tokyo because it's all small and cramped ... you're probably going to have a near death experience every morning on the train (actually that's an idea, i think i'll try to take a photo next time i'm in a crowded train). But apart from that, Tokyo has a surprisingly large amount of wide open space areas for all the talk of it being a cramped city. There might be a lot of people, but it doesn't feel uncomfortable walking around in a lot of the places because there's actually a lot of empty space too. The exceptions would be when you go to Shibuya/Shinjuku and walk between all those huge high rise buildings. But even in Shinjuku there are parks and areas similar to the one up there in the photo.

Anyway i'm going to go back to enjoying my feeling of satisfaction at having (almost) finished this essay.


Ez said...

Congratulations on finishing your essay. I know you've been at it for a while, and I hope you handed it in on time today. So thats the end of uni for you huh?

Time to do more hardcore partying. Well... you've already been doing that, but maybe more hardcore than before.

hwangus said...

Congrats.. I like the second photo.