Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Grammar tests and stuff

Well today was my last day of the Japanese language classes at Keio!~ Didn't quite feel like the last day though - because we still have next week together for the "exams", which are actually just like tests as we've been having all semester but i'm not complaining. Someone remind me to get a group shot of my class sometime please~

Today's class was fun because we actually didn't just recite stuff from a tape and read the book. We had (or tried to have) a free sort of discussion in groups - and then had to present back to class as you'll see below:

Presentation time ...

What happens when you let students write on the board (i wonder if anyone can work out what our discussion topic was from looking at the Chinese/Japanese/English/French on the board)

And well, it was more interesting than a regular class, but i guess it was still class:
How amazingly enthusiastic can you get?

The teacher during the presentations was sitting right in front of me, which turned out to be a good thing because it meant she was almost always looking the other way - giving me plenty of chances to take photos haha :)

Tina and I after class

The grammar 'exam' today was a little bit harder than expected - probably because i only studied for about one hour for it. I think i managed to guess most of the bits i didn't know though~ Good thing was we could leave as soon as we finished the thing, so my normally one and half hour class was only a bit longer than 45 minutes. I found Simone sitting around afterwards (studying apparently) and took some more random photos. As you can see the sky is blue and clear as usual, despite the fact that it's quite cold... I think that's probably the weirdest thing about the weather here - it's almost always really cloud-free, unless we have a typhoon.

Anyway this is a shot while i was sitting outside the library

Asli, Simone and Me (conversation partner group! - minus the conversation partners haha)

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quebeck said...

I like the photos! Btw, if you cbf, maybe take some videos walking through the uni, going to all the main places (like the cafeteria and places where ppl hang out). That would be cool.

Oh, and take a group photo before you finish. :)