Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hong Kong Part I (29.12.04)

I have a little bit of time to kill so I figured I should write something for this blog before I forget what’s been going on. The flight to HK actually arrived about 10 minutes earlier than originally estimated, but by the time I cleared immigration and customs it was about 3:30 or so before I met up with Clare. By the time we got back to Clare’s place it was almost time for her to go to Chinese class unfortunately – so that night I went out to dinner with Kris (who has been in HK since just before Christmas), his friend E.J, and some of her friends. We went to some Italian/Western-style café place where we had stuff like pizza, pasta and pork ribs.

Clare and I in Mong Kok

Kris, Me and the drinks

On Tuesday I followed Clare to work in the morning at about 8am and then spent the next couple of hours wondering around Causeway Bay. I need to try eating KFC here for breakfast too – by the looks of things they actually have a breakfast menu here! At 11, I met up with E.J and Kris to head off to Hong Kong’s one and only theme park called ‘Ocean Park Hong Kong’. It’s sort of a mix of a zoo and a theme park up on a mountain. The rides were fairly disappointing really – I think they’re aimed more at the younger kids so nothing was terribly exciting. The wildlife displays were all fairly interesting though, with a wide variety of fish and sharks and even a couple of pandas to see.

EJ and Me outside Ocean Park

The one ride i would have liked to have go on... but didn't

We took a taxi back to Causeway Bay to meet up with Clare, and the four of us had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Time Square. The food was actually pretty good Japanese food – if a little on the expensive side. Afterwards we had some Hong Kong dessert at a shop outside, before saying bye to Kris (his flight was this morning at 8am) and E.J. Came back and had a chat with Clare for a few hours. That’s the one thing I think I miss most when I’m in Japan – having my best friends around to really talk to.

Today I was planning to try to catch up on some homework that needs doing before I get back. Unfortunately it did not really happen. Got up roughly on time and popped downstairs to get some miscellaneous towels and things for the bathroom. Had McDonalds for breakfast and was sitting down to start my homework when I got a call on my phone from Kris. It turned out that he had unfortunately missed his flight this morning by sleeping in. He was very luckily able to be put onto another flight to Tokyo without any extra cost. But unluckily that flight is actually tomorrow morning. To make things more fun, his mobile phone ran out of batteries so he was calling from a payphone in the airport. It was somehow a reverse-charge call though and half way through exhausted all my prepaid credit. I had another prepaid card but no way to tell him my number. I managed to get myself lost on the way to the station heading out and I was almost half an hour late in meeting him – which must have been stressful to no end for him seeing as I wasn’t able to tell him where I was! Anyway in the end I did find him, and had lunch and sort of worked out what to do. Plan was to put luggage down at Clare’s place for the time being so that he could at least have a shower after running out of his hostel this morning.

On the way back we stopped at Starbucks with the intention of being able to use the internet (I brought my laptop along) but found out afterwards that you actually need to have a wireless account which was quite expensive. Just ended up sitting and having a drink instead before heading back here... And now I need to go out again~! Till later.

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