Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hong Kong Part II (31.12.04)

Got up this morning at 5am to make sure Kris didn’t miss his flight. After a bit of prodding he managed to wake up long enough to turn off his phone alarm which had been going for at least 5 minutes. Luckily my phone alarm and then watch alarm went off a few minutes later which made us get up properly. I stayed up until he left, said bye and then went back to sleep until about 10:30 or something.

Went out to Causeway Bay again to have lunch with Clare, and I got to try KFC Hong Kong style. I don’t know if it’s just that one we went to, but they don’t seem to serve fries/chips here at all. Instead I got a corn cob and mushroom and rice as sides. The rice was pretty ordinary and the corn looked pretty much like ordinary corn. The chicken pieces are really small compared to back home, but they do have hot and spicy here which is always welcome. After lunch, I wondered around Causeway Bay a bit more and finally found an internet café at which I was able to check my email and just generally spend about an hour browsing the web. I also finally found the Hong Kong library and got a little bit of study done in there while I waited for Clare to finish work. The library is a really nice building, and the atmosphere in there today was really ‘studious’. I found out after that exams start on Sunday which explains why I had to spend about 30 minutes trying to just find a table to sit down at in there.

We went to some Asian-ish café kind of restaurant where I had some ‘renowned hainanese chicken’ (which, if it actually is renowned for anything, is for being very mediocre) while Clare had some noodle dish which I don’t think was terribly good either. Afterwards though, we went to watch ‘Kung-Fu’ which made up for the bad dinner. Was a very pointless but funny and entertaining movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. For the next couple of hours we went to Shim Sha Tsui to have a look at the Christmas lights across the bay and just had a nice stroll next to the water. The lights for New Years don’t seem to be up there, but I suppose they might be there but just not on yet. I’d imagine it’d be pretty difficult to set it all up if it hasn’t already been done seeing as tomorrow (well today now) is New Year’s Eve…

I wish Melbourne had some waterfront like this...

Or even blurry waterfront like this :)

Clare and I at Tsim Sha Tsui

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