Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hong Kong Part IV

Well I’m back in my room at Plume IS now. I’m just looking over what I’m about to post, and I seriously wonder if anybody is going to bother reading it. I have about two weeks of stuff to put up all at once... I suppose I will probably read it one day so I’ll take comfort in knowing that it’s not a complete waste of time hehe.

On Sunday, we got up a bit later than intended because we were up late on Saturday again. Didn’t have anything pressing to do so it was all good though. We had some local roast duck/siew yok rice for lunch. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t had it for so long, but it tasted a lot better than I remember from what we get back home in Australia. We met up with Clara after that and went shopping for the rest of the day in Tsim Sha Tsui – I don’t think I bought anything though. That night the three of us went to the Kelly Chan concert which was my first live pop-concert I think. Despite not understanding the vast majority of what was going on, I had a good time. She sang a couple of songs in English too and her accent is pretty much flawless from what I could hear… Apparently she speaks pretty good Japanese too (she’s been in a few Japanese movies/dramas or something) – I wish I was that fluent in three languages sigh… I managed to use up my entire camera memory taking video clips of the concert too.

Before the curtain went up

I took this so i wouldn't forget the name of the concert lol

Us at the concert

That was a pretty cool dress (... too bad the photo is crap)

We pretty much had to go straight home after the concert because Clare had work in the morning on Monday unfortunately… We took another stroll down Tsim Sha Tsui and got another look at the Christmas/New Year’s lights across the harbour again before doing that though.

Clara n Clare at Tsim Sha Tsui

Clare and I ...

I spent most of Monday wondering around (or maybe, ‘being lost in’ is a better way to describe it) Mong Kok by myself – aside from meeting up with Clare briefly for lunch. I did find some of those ‘I’m Lost in HK’ t-shirts in the Lady’s Market there which I got as souvenirs though~ It took me about 4 hours to realize that there was actually a lot more stores INSIDE little shopping mall things; none of which have very prominent entrances due to the space constrictions of HK generally. I found one mall that was pretty much exclusively a computer/electrical related place which was interesting. And then I realized that about half the floor space on the higher levels was actually dedicated to porn… I was starting to wonder why there was so little porn in HK compared to Tokyo until then hehe. The trouble with all those little malls was that every time I went in, I got myself quite disorientated so that I’d be lost when I came out. In the sense that I’d walk back past the same shops for a while before realizing I’d been there before. The time went quite quickly and before long it was time to go meet up with Clare. Of all places, we ended up going back to Mong Kok and had a drink there, went to the sticker photo place, and headed off home. I had some instant noodles while I packed my bags when I got back and tried to get myself ready to leave. I had this feeling that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning on time and I was right. I remember waking up to the alarm on my phone and turning it off too hehe. Anyway I luckily had the sense to check my watch when I was half awake about 45 minutes later and jumped out of bed and got to the station only about 15 minutes behind schedule but made it to the airport in good time. I guess all good things have to come to an end, and just like my trip to HK I think now’s a good time to stop this post. Till next time.


Ez said...

Sounds like you had a great couple of weeks off. I'm guessing you definately don't want to come back now :|. Its okay, we've made Terence's house our impormptu 'Adrian's house' for the time being. If you're not coming back, we'll just make it permanent.

hwangus said...

You seem to be getting quite good at taking photos with one hand!! It looks funny though coz you're always leaning away from the camera haha

nanshii said...

whoa so much to read in one go!!! great to hear (or rather, read) that u had a very good new yrs :)