Sunday, January 09, 2005


It's like 2am or so and I just got back a little while ago from this house-party hosted by Foster and Seung (and their other roommate who's name i have i forgotten at the moment). I think it was like a house warming party but i'm not really sure.

Their place is really nice - it's in Shinjuku quite near to the subway and the place is really nice and spacious. Each of them have their own room (all maybe slightly bigger than what i'm in) and then a shared living space in between where they've put a TV/computer thing with some speakers and a gamecube etc.

The atmosphere was really chill - and as the night went on more and more friends turned up. We had a really international crowd ranging from Canada to Indonesia which you will see in one of the photos in a sec.

Had some fun moments with Tony who i haven't seen for a while since he went off to Korea before Christmas and just got back. He brought some friends from Korea with him to Japan too which i thought was funny - they're staying till Tuesday or so. Below is Tony having a good time. At Foster's expense.

This is Tony hugging Foster to death

Then they saw Carol... (I don't know why Foster has that look on his face - is she that heavy??)

Three on the left are Korean, Girl in green is Japanese, Foster is from Taiwan, Girl in front is from Indonesia

Stayed till about 11.30 at which time everybody decided it was time to try to make the last train. That left things a little bit tight, and then we had a bit of drama when Elok (girl from Indonesia in above photo) bumped into somebody at the station and fell - and didn't get back up. We got the station people to come and i think they actually took her to hospital in the end. After standing around uselessly for about 10 minutes most of us left (leaving about 3 ppl to help her) to try to make our trains home. Because of stopping at the station, I had to catch the long-way home to be sure that i could get back - and then i managed to get a bit lost walking home from Kashimada station too haha. Hence why it is so late now...

I got a message from Simone saying that Elok is okay now though but i still don't really know what happened to her ... i think maybe it was just the alcohol + getting winded + panic attack all at once. Maybe. The night was running so smoothly until that little mishap, but i guess it's good that she's okay. Anyway, it is now time for me to make sure i'm okay tomorrow by getting some rest :)


hwangus said...

I was laughing so hard when I read that Elok didn't get back up after falling over, I farted. JK :)

Adrian said...

Lol Hwang you are so mean ~!

Garry said...

Sam Sam Sam....ur sense of humor is going the wrong direction man...haha...