Friday, January 21, 2005

Midnight snacks

Well last night after finishing my essay i really wasn't in the mood to do anything very study related so i found Kris and went to the lounge for some Starcraft. Cheh was down there too and we played for a couple of hours. Jakob eventually finished his essay and came down too. Now as you may know, strenuous activity like moving a mouse around for a few hours can work out quite an appetite; and at about 12.30am enough of us decided that we were hungry to go out to find something to eat.

Destination: the yaki niku place in Hiyoshi (which as usual i have forgotten the name of already). I didn't know there was anything open that late anywhere near the dorm but i guess i was wrong. Kou and Chou were getting impatient with how long it was taking Kris and I to beat Jakob and Cheh in our starcraft match, and ended up leaving first (how's that for a confusing sentence?). We actually didn't take much longer, so Kris and I, thinking we'd try to catch up, went running (literally) after them at about 1am in the morning. Funnily enough, we didn't seem them on the way there, and when we got to the restaurant they hadn't actually arrived yet. Found out after that they walked a different (more round about) way.

We let Chou do all the ordering and he got us a really nice selection of different things to eat. The only thing i can remember was the tongue thing which came first - which like everything else was really good. We were there until about 3am or so and the place still had a fair number of ppl in there. Apparently it's normally a lot more packed - but seeing as it was a Thursday night last night's crowd was still not bad for a supper at 1am effort.

Kris and Kou at the yaki niku place

Me and Chou

A few beers, and some maccha ice cream later, we were back at the lounge where we found Cheh *still* playing starcraft. He was actually meant to be studying i think. I think i went to bed at about 4am. Or maybe later.

In anycase, i couldn't get up properly this morning - i don't even remember waking up to turn off the two alarms i set. I somehow woke myself up about 10 minutes before i was meant to be out of my room though so i still made it to uni on time to meet Simone for lunch.

Went to the cafe by uni to study for a couple of hours after that - where we as usual did a lot more talking than studying but i guess it's no worse than what i would have been doing if i just stayed home (i.e. sleeping). After that i went to class to hand in my term paper; which actually took quite a while because Ichikawa sensei wanted to talk to everybody a little bit about what they wrote on etc etc. Oh also, he took a photo of everyone (just in case we get famous hehe) during the interview. Which gave me a good idea since i happened to have my camera with me - i took a photo with him lol:

Ichikawa sensei and me

Anyway since then, i've done pretty much nothing productive. Trying to work up some motivation to get started on my study for the test tomorrow. Will probably happen within the next hour or so i'm hoping... or maybe not.

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Garry said...

In that pic of you and Chou, is that a new hairstyle? the front brush? yes? hehe....good stuff.