Thursday, January 27, 2005

More Farewells

Last night we had our final 2F gathering at a place called 'Oriental Kitchen' in Ikebukuro. I was originally a bit worried about meeting up with everybody since there was actually two different 'east exits' at Ikebukuro station - but only one or two people actually went to the wrong one.

Simone found the place on the net somewhere, and when we were talking about it after class it turned out that Yuki had actually been there once before and recommended it. The food was basically chinese - ranging from sweet and sour pork and fried rice to things like pigs trotters and those soy-sauce egg things. Overall it was really good - or maybe it's just because i haven't had any 'chinese' food for so long... There was a nice selection of desserts and pastries and stuff too. Oh and did i mention it was a buffet style/all you can eat place :). The best thing about it though, was probably the price. For an all you can eat/drink (albeit, non-alcoholic drinks) place it was very reasonably priced.

Chan, Simone, Asli and Yuki

Fabian, Me and Aya

Christina, Ben, Sandy and Hyun-Jung

Tina and I

The class seems to have really bonded over the last couple of months - despite being somewhat stand-offish in the beginning. Even those less talkative people all seem to be really comfortable around everybody now. It was really sad to think that i might not get a chance to see a lot of them again - quite a few people are heading off either home or travelling in the next few days and i will be back home by the time they get back. As most likely the last time we gathered together as a class though, it was a great night out.

Thanks guys for such a memorable semester together, I will miss everybody heaps!

The 2004 Fall Semester 2F Class! (well most of us)

After dinner, we all sort of dawdled to the station and stood around trying to decide where to go/what to do next. Unfortunately the longer we stood around, the more people decided that they needed to go home and in the end only four of us: Ben, Fabian, Aya and myself stopped over in Shibuya to have a drink. Ben took us to a place he'd been before which was a nice chill cafe sort of place which served assorted finger food and drinks. Not ten minutes after we got there, Aaron and Sayaka came wondering in from wherever they'd been which was a pleasant surprise... We had a good chat for a while, and even took some sticker photos on the way home. Unfortunately all of us were a bit unco in pressing the buttons and we ended up getting two copies of the same picture each instead of 4 different ones. Makes you realise how talented all those Japanese highschool girls really are...

Ben and I stopped off by Yagami river on the way home and sat around there for a bit. It's really nice out here near the dorm because it's so quiet. It's quite a different feeling from the busy rush of Shibuya and other entertainment districts which we tend to frequent. By the time i got myself to bed it was closer to 3am which meant i didn't get out of bed till about midday... I should go finish off tidying up my room~

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