Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My last week of class

First, sorry for the lack of posting in the last few days. I've apparently been busy writing my term paper. In fact, i've just been busy sitting here, thinking about *what* i should write for my term paper. Well that and generally wasting time.

And as the title suggests, this week is my last week of proper class here at Keio. *sniff* It's gone by so fast I still can't believe it. I'm not going to break up the days and write about what i've been doing like i normally do, because i really can't remember what's been happening on which day as of late. Anyway on to some photos:

This is a random photo of class on Monday

Speech and presentation class on Monday afternoons

Tuesday class

And yeah if you're wondering, i just took my camera out and started taking photos in the middle of class. Teachers didn't seem to mind lol. I have one more class tomorrow which is taken by Kato sensei who is the head teacher of the level 2 programme here. So maybe i can post up some more uninteresting photos tomorrow lol.

Had lunch with Yuki today, who i haven't seen for like ... more than a month because of new year and stuff. She leaves for Australia for her exchange in about a month - so i guess it must be pretty busy for her too at the moment. Will have to make sure to pay a visit next time i'm in Sydney.

Yeah and i even remembered to take a photo!

Anyway i REALLY need to get this stupid term paper done. I've written almost 14 pages or so but i came to the realisation last night at about 12:30 that most of it is irrelevant and probably won't make the final draft. Sigh. More writing for me.

And before i go, i thought this last sort of sums up our class pretty well:
Leaning over in the light-purple is Simone - who is either falling asleep or just trying to concentrate really hard. Yuki in the yellow is actually paying attention as usual. Ben closest on the right is about to fall asleep (also not so rare). Rest of the class looks generally bored. Except of course for Wei and Tina at the back there (guy in light blue and girl next to him) who seem to talk quite a lot but somehow still answer the questions they get asked ~

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