Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ski Trip Part II (24.12.04)

It somehow still doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve. I think I missed all the build-up by being in class most days for the last few weeks. And it’s my first ‘White Christmas’ too. Having snow on everything is definitely a lot prettier than Christmas back in Australia …. But I guess it’s sort of not the same being away from home at Christmas time. The interesting thing is, Christmas and New Year is almost completely opposite here in Japan. Christmas is the time for spending time with friends and partying; while New Year is generally spent with family.

Anyway, last night we had a bit of a drinking party downstairs in the restaurant. But because that closed at 10pm, we ended up going to somebody’s room. (There are about 20 of us here altogether. I think we have quite a few rooms, but the room I’m in, and the room opposite us are both 4-ppl rooms so there is lots of space to sit around). It was the first time I really got to talk to some of the IRR people – but I’m not quite sure if the conversations were terribly deep given the amount of alcohol in everybody. Had fun, and then went pretty much straight to bed.

Party in a room no.1


Shot from our room balcony

We were meant to be at breakfast at 7.30am this morning, but of course we all (well the four of us in my room) slept in. We got up at 7.45 and sort of stumbled down there in time to eat still though. Breakfast was a pretty standard (but delicious) western style one, consisting of bacon/ham, eggs, croissants, tomato soup, french fries (why they don’t just give us mashed potato I don’t know) and some other things I can’t remember. Afterwards I (and the rest of my room) came back and slept some more. We sort of slept a bit too long though and only ended up getting onto the slopes at about 10.30-11am (the lifts started from 9am).

As for my snowboarding ability… I don’t know what happened (maybe I dreamed about it all last night, so I got some practice while I was asleep) but today was soooo much easier than yesterday. I still fell over and hurt myself a little bit, but I could actually control where I was going and NOT fall over most of the time. In fact, I think the reason I fall now is more because I want to stop than because I’m out of control. It’s actually quite a nice feeling to just slide down on your belly feet first in the snow hehe. As a result of this sudden improvement I also had a lot more fun today – and I’m glad that I actually stuck with the board and didn’t go get skis instead. Also, today a few of others decided to try snowboarding too which always makes it more fun. I spent most of the day going down the slopes with Ogu-chan who was about 100 times better than me given it was her first time on a snowboard. While I could hardly go 30 metres before falling over, Ogu-chan and the rest of them seemed pretty comfortable on the boards by their second run down. Maybe I’m just really bad at it ~ Tomorrow I’m definitely going to board a bit more in the morning (if tonight’s drinking permits it…) before we go back.

The 'Giant' ...

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quebeck said...

Man that snow looks awesome! The Giant looks pretty steep though (for a beginner run), glad you hear you had fun though! Gotta come up with us this winter season! I'll be doing some day trips and maybe an extended trip if I can afford it.