Thursday, January 13, 2005

Studying is NOT fun

I need a quick break from reading that economics book before i start feeling sleepy again so i thought i'd just pop something up here. Not a lot has happened since my last post. I think i've been having too much fun recently so going back to school feels particularly boring :P

Tuesday was school as normal, only catch was the classes were all Monday classes. You know how i've been saying we have lots of public holidays here? Well they tend to always fall on Mondays so to try to balance things out, Keio decided to skip some Tuesday classes to catch up with the Monday ones. I actually went to the library after class and stayed there till about 6.30pm - i guess it is good there because i have nothing to distract me. Well aside from the fact that it's really easy to fall asleep there. The later it got, the more people seemed to be sleeping in there...

Wednesday class hmmm ... had a kanji test. Was planning to go to the library to study after but ran out of motivation before the end of class. Took a nap when i got home, cooked dinner and then wrote some notes until it was time to go to sleep again.

This morning i actually got up at 8! Had some breakfast and got the washing done. Then i got tired and fell asleep for another few hours and got up at 12.30 hah. Well at least since then i've been fairly productive - still trying to figure out what i want to write on for my term paper though. I am thinking i can't go out this weekend at this rate unfortunately - and there's a whole heap of ppl going to this apparently really nice club called Ageha too :(

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hwangus said...

It's never been fun. (wtih exception of female anatomie)