Friday, January 28, 2005

Sukiyaki and Game centres

Last night I had yet another farewell kind of gathering. This time it was for Simone because she's heading off to Hokkaido and then HK so i might not see her before i leave. We took some sticker photos at a random place in Shibuya which were good except for the fact that we didn't print the right number out for all of us... For dinner, we went back to the sukiyaki/shabushabu place that we went to for a class dinner a few months back. Unfortunately for Simone and Asli, the hot guy wasn't working, but the food was really good. Considering it's an all you can eat place the quality of the meat and vegies is really nice. And you even get unlimited all you can eat rice too ehhe :) Ahh bliss.

Ben Simone and I

Well okay maybe i should retract that comment about eating as much as you can:
"All you can eat" Matthias

I'm not quite sure how much of that face is a pose, and how much is real. Now that i think about it, he was complaining about dying if he ate one more bite...

Miguel and Asli

After the dinner, the six of us (Miguel, Asli, Matthias, Simone, Ben and Me) went next door to another game centre where we spent the next hour or so playing DDR, drum mania and other various things. Ben found this samurai style thing where you get to swing a sword around too. You probably need to see the video clips to understand - but it was a really cool game ~ New theory: the Japanese are all slim and fit because their video games make them MOVE.

At the game-centre

We actually ended up visiting quite a few different game centres because Matthias really wanted to play some air hockey, and the place we were in at first only had one broken table.. Eventually we wondered into a sega world or something and found a table though. But not before i found this:


Yep it's a game where you can win schoolgirl uniforms

Yeah so i still have not been able to find those fabled underwear vending machines, but this is the closest thing yet.

The air hockey games were quite fun. The table is one of those ones that likes to spit out 3 pucks at once to make things a bit more chaotic. When i played half the things were flying off the table. Still, lots of fun, despite giving me a couple of sore fingers.

Air hockey team two...

Anyway got home at a respectable 1am or so, and sat in the lounge having a chat to Cheh who was once again playing starcraft down there instead of studying for his finals. I think he finishes tomorrow so after that i'm guessing we'll all be going out drinking/eating a lot more. I wish i'd been hanging in the lounge a bit more often before now though - i think a few people have actually already disappeared back home without me even getting a chance to say bye :(

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