Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Australian Gatherings

Today i finally managed to meet up with my cousin Bernard! He and his friend Cameron got to Tokyo yesterday afternoon but i wasn't able to get in touch with them until this morning. Luckily i actually woke myself up at the respectable time of 10am and was pretty much ready to go when i spoke to them at 11. They had managed to meet up with Simon (another Aussie - their friend's brother who is living in Japan teaching english) and he had a cell phone thankfully which made it about 100 million times easier to find each other.

We spent the afternoon wondering around Akihbara - the multitudes of shops full of electronics and anime provided ample entertainment for quite a few hours. We stopped by for lunch at the trusty Japanese fastfood chain Mos Burger:

After deciding that we'd had just about enough bright lights and walking around electric city - we thought maybe a change of scene would be good and we headed off to Sensouji (the big temple at Asakusa).

Here's Simon, Bernard and Cameron at the Asakusa subway station

Unfortunately, the shrine isn't so fun in the rain we found out first hand. However we did get to take a photo for a couple of cute japanese girls which almost made up for it ~ :P ... Afterwards since we had a bit more time we thought we'd take a walk to the Asahi factory. Unfortunately it was either closed, or we were just at the wrong place... We did find the Giant Golden Turd Building though (no i don't know the proper name for it - but i thought that it was actually the beer factory)...

We managed to walk through the filiming of some random commercial on the bridge on the way there i think. Took us a while to work out why there were just people spaced along the bridge in twos standing there not moving. And i got told off for taking photos of it (I have a movie of it though muahaha... I will have to ask friends if it ever appears as an ad here after i go). After that, we took the subway all the way from Asakusa to Shibuya. That's one end of the subway to the other - about 30 mins or so stopping all stations.

Had a good wonder around the back streets in Shibuya and i even found a couple of places i don't think i've seen before in Love Hotel Hill. I think if you wanna see a variety of different Japanese (albeit imitated) architecture styles, that's the place to go - it's got everything from Indian to Mediterranean looking buildings there. We stopped by a couple more game centres and miscellaneous shops that grabbed our attention before going to Momo's Paradise for some sukiyaki.

Oh and did i mention it was Bernard's 21st birthday today? Cheers!

And for those of you who care: no, the hot guy wasn't working. I'm really starting to think that after our first class gathering there he might no longer be employed there :) Dinner was extremely heavy as usual - being all you can eat - but i think it was a nice change for Cameron and Bernard who've not tried sukiyaki before.

Bernard and I

And as you can see here, Cameron was quite pleased to have so much food. Or rather, so much meat.

In other unrelated news, while in Akihabara i finally got myself one of those kanji recognition dictionaries so that i might inspire myself to actually read some Japanese things when i get back!

And last but not least, Happy 20th Birthday Ez ~! (it's 11.59pm 08.02.05 right now so i *just* made it!~) hehehe.


Ez said...

hahaha thanks! :)

hwangus said...

You cheat age

Krispy said...

Ah! I've been to the giant-turd building!
Actually, it turns out that it's "The Golden Flame Restaurant" and so apparently that's supposed to be a giant flame....I don't know what the designer was thinking though....