Thursday, February 10, 2005

Busy busy

Had a really busy day today ... Started out meeting Bernard, Cameron and Simon to see them off to Hokkaido at about 11am. Sohei came too and it was really lucky he did. Cameron/Bernard hadn't checked how long it takes to get to where they were staying - and to have made it there they would have had to have left at 8am or something. Fortunately however there was a youth hostel where they could stay in Hakodatte (the southern most city in Hokkaido which they could make it to today). Big thanks Sohei for doing all the calling up and helping to book the shinkansen tickets etc!~

Once we'd sorted that out we went over to the Maru no uchi Building where you can go up to the 35th floor for a nice view. It was really overcast today so the view wasn't so great however...

Here's the four of them up there

After seeing Bernard and Cameron off to the station, Sohei and I went to have lunch at an Indonesian style restaurant in the Maru building. Was a really nice place (decor and food-wise) and since it was lunch time it wasn't too expensive either.

Here's my indonesian dry chicken curry ~ *tummy rumbles*

Went to the book store after that - grabbed one book recommended by Sohei and a small collection of famous Japanese story summaries. Hopefully i will have enough motivation to read them this semester. I came back to the dorm after that since it wasn't until about 6.30 that i was meant to be meeting people for dinner in Shibuya.

Tonight we had a special reason for going out tho - Japan vs North Korea World Cup Qualifying! We had booked seats at the sports bar we went to so we were perfectly placed right in front of one of the huge plasma TVs:

The atmosphere in there was really cool. It was packed from the door in almost to the point of not being able to walk to the bar. And everyone (with the exception of Tony) was cheering for Japan. Very very lucky to have seats to go back to. Moral of the story: if you want to go to a sports bar when Japan is playing anything, book in advance.

Tony, Sousuke, Akari, Sung and Kanako

Yuka and Megumi playing with my camera...

Foster and Tony

This is Yuka posing with Tony's jacket. The jacket looks better on her.

As for the actual match, it was about as good as you could ask for. I think North Korea was lacking a bit of match practice from the way they kept making mistakes - but Japan wasn't able to take advantage of them making it a very tight game. Japan scored in the first couple of minutes from a nice free kick just outside the box - and the score stayed like that until the middle of the second half. Then N.Korea pulled off this awesome goal from a quick counter-attack... Needless to say that created quite a stir in the very pro-japanese crowd.

The score stayed tied at 1-1 until extra time when there were quite a lot of chances on both sides as things started to get desperate. In the 92nd minute or so N.Korea's defense finally showed up its weakness though with Japan taking the opportunity of a loose ball in the box. Japan 2. N.Korea 1. That definitely raised the noise level up a notch - and it gave us cheaper beer for the next half hour too.

Oh I should say something about the place we went too. It was a sports bar owned by this Canadian guy who's lived in Japan for 17 years. Everyone there seems to speak perfect english and really good Japanese as well (one of the waiters was Japanese but born in the states for example). And they were all really friendly too - and by the end that waiter was drinking with us. If i had more time here i think i'd definitely go back there...

Now to make this post even longer the night wasn't quite over after that. We decided to stay out until morning at karaoke somewhere in Shibuya. That was all fine and good until half the people at midnight suddenly decided that they'd rather go home and disappeared. That left Sung, Me, Akari and Kanako... And Kanako couldn't get home - her last train was at 11 something but since we were saying we'd stay out until morning she hadn't gone to catch it. Soooo, we went clubbing instead.

Sung and I decided that we'd go get some alcohol (and some food) first - and somehow managed to finish a bottle of whisky and some chuu hai (sweet mixed drinks) in about 20 minutes. Still i don't think i was that drunk after that... Club Vuenos was playing Hip Hop tonight and there were quite a few live performances which weren't bad at all. Being a wednesday night though - the atmosphere in there wasn't really happening until quite late :(

Sung, Akari and Myself

Ohhhh and i almost forgot. There were quite a lot of female dance acts too which i took a fair few photos and movies of - but i don't think i should post them up here ;) ... Once things livened up a bit we all had a good time i think - until the two girls got too exhausted (well particularly Akari who was wearing heels). Ended up somehow talking to some Japanese dude in there who was really drunk. I think ppl are easier to understand when they are drunk because they speak slowly hehe. Anyway eventually we decided it was time to go so we grabbed out stuff and headed off for home. Made it back to the dorm in good time since i now know to take the Toyoku line instead of the Yokosuka line - so i was back home by about 6.30 this morning. So much for getting back into a normal sleeping pattern.

Last shot at the club


hwangus said...

North Korea lost!!!! :((((((((
No worries, though I don't think Japan can beat them when they come to North Korea to play

liang said...

hey i get dibs on those porno fotos and movies u took in the club.... =]
clubbing in japan n gettind drunk....sounds awwweeeesome~