Friday, February 04, 2005

Drinks at Midnight

Not much to post about today. Got up, tried to learn some kanji but instead ended up trying to translate some jpop song. At night, i met up with Go-san for drinks a bit after midnight in Hiyoshi (he lives there, and from the dorm it's only a 15 minute walk). Ben came along and we somehow ran into Aaron who was on his way home from some other drinking party. So there ended up being four of us. We went to this nice little place not far from Hiyoshi station which was basically an izakaya with 飲み放題 (all you can drink). It was nice to finally see that there are places to hang out without going all the way to Shibuya. From talking to some of my other Japanese friends i think the students from Keio who are at the Hiyoshi campus tend to go around there for most of their drinking adventures (since it's right next to school)...

Aaron and Ben

The trouble with the 飲み放題 is it only includes beer, sours (mixed sweet drinks) and softdrinks. Although i guess you shouldn't really complain for 1000 yen.

We ordered a couple of sashimi dishes - one of which i thought was pretty cool:

That's 牛レバー刺 (raw beef liver). Served with some salt and sesame oil it's pretty good. It actually doesn't taste like much - like most other things raw - but i guess the texture might throw a few people.

I think we probably stayed there for a bit more than two hours and had a good long chat (during which time Aaron passed out and was annoyingly difficult to wake up when it was time to go). Go just graduated from Keio so he'll be going on his graduation trip pretty soon. Hopefully i'll get another chance to meet up with him before i head off... Anyway here's the last photo of the night of the four of us:

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