Friday, February 11, 2005


I just went to the supermarket and got myself some stuff to cook for dinner. Feels like so long since i've cooked myself a full meal - i keep being lazy and buying half (or all of) the meal. Anyway while i was at the supermarket i suddenly felt like eating yoghurt so i got myself some. I for some stupid reason decided that maybe putting chocolate whip spread into the yoghurt might taste good. Word of advice: don't. Tastes awful. It's sour and sweet and makes you sort of want to puke.

In more mundance news, i got myself a empty cardboard box to use for posting my books home. What still surprises me is the level of service that is just taken for granted here. When i asked the guy for a spare box he went off and opened a box of things just so i could have one. Anyway it's a little bit big but i guess i can always put more stuff in there. I'm wondering how much it's going to cost to actually send the thing though ...


kAgE said...

lolz ask for a spare computer case, then see if they take apart their computer for ya lolz

Mulder said...

go ask for a 'cement mixer' when u go drinking ;)

i THINK its one shot baileys (or sthng similar) and one shot lime juice.
u take the Baileys (dont swallow tho), then take the lime juice .... see wat happens, haha
might want to be close to the bathroom btw. haha