Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hiyoshi Karaoke

Just got back from karaoke in Hiyoshi... only just finding out there's plenty of places to go right near the dorm now that i'm leaving. I guess that's mostly my own fault though (>_<) ... Today Kris finally finished all his tests and stuff and could finally come out and have some fun - I on the other hand was feeling a bit sick this afternoon when i got up and almost thought i might not be going out tonight. Glad that i did though.

At about 9 o clock Kris and I started rounding up some people to come along to karaoke from the dorm. That involves mainly knocking randomly on doors of ppl we think we know... Names still aren't sticking very well for me. In the end there was six of us: Rim, Leo, Jakob, Kris, Go plus myself...

Rim, Leo (Ellenor) and Me

We had a bit of indecision over the place we go to - but thanks to Go we ended up finding this little place that was really cheap (like 300 yen per person/hr) and that let u bring in whatever you like. Sooo we headed off to the conbini to get our supply of drinks and stuff - but when we got to the karaoke place we were told that there was no rooms left. Since Go had called up just before though - and it was kind of a mistake on their part - they gave us the massive party room for really cheap (like 400 yen a head/hr)! I think that place is meant to seat like 30 ppl - it was pretty huge. This is one corner:

I didn't really take a shot looking the other way - but there was like a little bar and toilet and stuff in there too... Anyway the two hours of karaoke in the big room went by really quickly and before long the phone was ringing to tell us we had to go. The girls wanted to head home, but the four of us were still up for a bit more singing - so we moved next door into a smaller room and kept going for another hour.

Jakob and I (i don't know what we were trying to do there...)

Sound was somehow better in there - despite the smaller speakers. I guess that's the advantage of enclosed spaces.

This is Go and Kris in the smaller room

And the last shot of the night with all four of us somehow squeezed into it (with me kind of blocking Kris - sorry!):

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