Monday, February 07, 2005

More farewells (well kinda)

Went to dinner in Nishi-Asabu to a place called Gonbachi. Nishi-Asabu is like - not quite Shibuya but it's pretty close (about a 5 min cab ride). At least i can say we didn't go to Shibuya for a change though.

As for the restaurant, it seriously looked like that place in Kill Bill one where they the girl slaughters everybody ... Alas there was no sword fighting tonight. We did manage to order a huge-ass looking pitcher of beer though. It wasn't really that big in the end - i think it filled up about four of those glasses you can see next to it.

Reason for dinner was meant to be (yet another) farewell. For Rol-Rol-Carol this time who's actually going to be in Japan for a bit longer but will be busy with family and Chinese new year for most of the rest of her time here... For me i guess it was a bit different since like - Sydney isn't all that far from Melbourne so i'm sure we'll meet up again. But still, the feeling that "tonight will be a very natsukashii memory in 6 months time" was pretty evident i thought.

Here's Jerry, Tony and Carol looking rather studious with her glasses (apparently she accidentally sent all her contact lenses home in a box - oops):

Sung took quite a liking to the 'studious/intelligent' look too. Don't know if he pulled it off too well in this shot though. Doesn't look like he can see much like that...

Met a new Japanese friend tonight too - Nanako-chan who's sitting on the left in the shot below (who somehow seems to know all the rest of the bunch except for me...) And she speaks good english! Apparently she's coming to Australia later on this year for work so maybe we can meet up again. Next to her is Foster and Megumi:

For dinner i had a 鴨セイリそば (i hope that's what it's called - it's duck served with cold soba). First time in aages since i've had cold soba. Didn't disappoint. I can't remember what other ppl got, but everybody was quite satisfied with what they ordered too i think. After dinner we headed down the road to a nearby eating/drinking/pub kind of place which had a rather cool sign at the entrance...

We ordered a strawberry margarita in a huge jug (that rivalled the beer we had at the restaurant) - and some miscellaneous buffalo wings/nachos etc. The buffalo wings came as a dish of 20 pieces. But of course, being japanese style they were incredibly small (like i'm talking each piece was like 5cm long). That wasn't such a bad thing since most of us were reasonably full from dinner i guess. But still. Not what u'd want to be ordering when you're hungry.

We had to scramble a bit to make it back (since we weren't in Shibuya it took that little bit longer to get to the station) and for a bit i thought it was going to be an all night out effort - which would actually have fitted right in with my sleeping schedule at the moment - but in the end we made it there in time... And now ... i'm hungry again ... hmmmm.

Oh and in other news, I went to proper badminton training for the first time in 2 months or so today. It was the first training session of this year and i think everybody found it pretty tough - myself included. Coach told us off for having bad attitudes - "i can understand today, but if you want to do that at next training, you're better off not coming"... Good to hit a shuttle again though. There's just something about exercise where you push yourself till you're exhausted ... It's something I've been missing for a while without even realising.

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