Tuesday, February 15, 2005

No Time to Blog

Bleh. Things have gotten a little bit hectic recently. All the farewell parties and goodbyes are starting to catch up with me finally and i've come down with a bit of a cold - throat is really sore :( Apologies for not updating as regularly as i would like. I promise i'll put up a long post about my last few days in the land of the rising sun as soon as i get some time (even if it's after i get back home).

Since i'm tired and i want this to be a quick post i'll be dodge (yes, that's Australian english for all you foreigners ~) and use point-form.

Today i managed to:
1) Post about 10kg of books home
2) Pay my outstanding rent for the dorm
3) Close my bank account
4) Change a whole heap of Australian dollars for Bernard (couldn't find a place despite looking for a long time the other day)
5) Tell Bernard and Cameron that i'd meet them at carriage no. 7 but then wait in the wrong place at the platform and not get onto the same train
5) Still meet up with the two of them thanks to Sohei, and visit Kamakura - the Daibutsu (big buddha) and the money washing shrine
6) Go to Yokohama for Okonomiyaki and then for a walk towards Minato Mirai


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