Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Out of Shinkawasaki

I tried to sleep early last night and get up early this morning. Didn't really work. I did wake up at 10 but i couldn't get myself up out of bed until about 1... Well at least i'll slowly get back into a normal sleeping pattern i guess.

Just went to dinner in Shibuya with the ppl who just got back from Hokkaido (ie Simone, Carol, Tony, Eisho - Aaron went with them too, but is still in Hokkaido somewhere apparently) and a couple of other 知り合い。That's the first time i've been out of Shinkawasaki for like ... 4 days i think. Not really that long i guess - but it feels like a long time when you've had to go to school every day for the last few months. We had some sort of international fusion food place (i actually remember the name of the place tonight!~ it was called 'Whos Foods' ... there's even a website if anybody is interested, - not quite sure what the mixes were though. Wasn't too bad overall still though. It's weird how no matter where i go here the food seems to be pretty good... The only real complaint is that the portions are sometimes too small.

At dinner the topic of Australian english came up again (seeing as there were two Aussies at dinner to pick on haha~). I still think it's funny how the Canadian/American ppl try to imitate the ozzy accent. To me it comes out sounding very British ... but i wonder sometimes, maybe i really do sound like that. But how can these people not even know what 'heaps' means?!?... I mean come on ... a 'mozzy' is not a special type of aussie. I guess at least when i get back i'll be a lot more aware of the weird english we speak back at home haha.

I forgot to take photos there unfortunately so nothing to look at today.. :( Anyway i'm starting to get hungry ... time to look for something else to eat. Or maybe some people to go eat with. また。

Comment Corner:
Oh i almost forgot about the comments. I'm not sure if any of you have ever actually tried taking photos in the dark like me before, but they all seem to sort of turn out that weird colour. I mean in real life it's kind of just black-ish. You can see more in the photos than by standing there in real life hehe. I think all the pix i posted up were taken with 30 second exposure times.


Krispy said...

Eh? We understand "heaps" I think...At least, I do. People who think it's just australian are probably forgetting their english ;)
Mozzy on the other hand...Yeah, that one's pure australianness, and makes sense in context, but, out of context...uhhh....we'll be like "wtf?"
The thing about accents in english is like, when talking to people with a different accent, I find myself unintentionally mimicking them sometimes. I don't know why, sometimes it's because I'm repeating a word they just said, so their pronounciation is in my head. Other times, like when I was in hong kong talking with a bunch of british accenty people, i kept finding myself doing the british [high-low] question intonation, as opposed my normal american [low-high], i think probably just 'cause sounded weird to keep asking questions with an american accent. Sometimes I worry that they'll think I'm making fun of them, but, usually it's totally unintentional!

...Though when I say, "i couldn't be stuffed," yeah, that's just there for a joke ;)

suz said...

I had the exact same experience. I was talking to an american friend, and I think I said something like, "Was there heaps of people there?" And my friend was like, "Is 'heaps' a term you guys use there? I've never heard it in that context before" I thought it was pretty funny. I never knew it was an aussie thing? It's amazing the things we learn about ourselves...