Friday, February 11, 2005

Shibuya Again

Went back out to Shibuya tonight for dinner with Ben and Fabian. Lacking any sort of preferred place to eat we went to the okonimiyaki place (japanese style pancakes) that was introduced to me by Sohei's friend Maki a few weeks back. Dinner was good - and filling. After chattting a bit we went off to Amataro (an izakaya) to meet up with Matthias, Miguel, Sayaka and Jun.

Atmosphere was a bit subdued tonight for some reason - although there were still some rather funny bits and pieces. Matthias' "becoming manly in japanese" story (told in German, translated into English by ben and then Japanese by Jun) was quite funny ... basically he started saying things like "gomen na" instead of "gomen ne" (both mean sorry, the first is more masculine sounding). Unfortunately that kind of carried over into some other things and he sent some msg saying "kuru na" instead of "kuru ne" - which completely reverses the meaning from "come won't you?" to "don't come" :P Anyway i think it was more funny because of the running translations being done on the side of the telling...

Me Miguel and Matthias

After a bit more chatting, a couple more drinks it suddenly occurred to us that it was 12 midnight and that we needed to decide if we were going home or not. A bit of dawdling on our way out didn't leave us much spare time at all - and nobody seemed particularly interested in deciding what we were doing quickly. We got a nice surprise when we got outside though. It was snowing!~ A lot more than that other day when it was just turning into sloshy rain... So now i can say i've seen snow in tokyo too. In the end we decided that we would try to go out another day (fingers crossed i actually have another chance to meet up with them again) and somehow managed to get on the last train back... I haven't been that squashed on a train for a while. I wasn't really standing for the first 10 minutes - i was lying on somebody. And then there were people lying on me. That all changed of course when the doors opened next to us - the poor girl who was kind of squished next to me basically fell out of the train without the door to support her lol~ She wasn't hurt luckily though. Anyway i guess that it was an interesting (if not so comfortable) ride home at least hehe.

Sayaka, Jun, Ben and Fabian


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Aww... I was so expecting Sam to ask whether the girl you were squished next to was hot.