Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Yagami River

Feeling is starting to return to my fingers now ... I just went for a walk down by Yagami river near our dorm to take some photos. It didn't feel that cold out there but it's enough to make it really hard to move your hands properly. Luckily, to take photos at night i need to rest my camera on something stable anyway so they all came out about the same as normal :)

This is from just next to the bridge

Looking under the bridge. I love how calm the water looks in the pics. It's actually not still like that in reality...

The bridge from the other side


quebeck said...

Those photo's look really weird, like really artificial, like it's a set of some horror movie (with the weird lighting). Is it like that in real life? Like that bright and shiny?

hwangus said...

They've got that green colour thing happening man