Saturday, March 12, 2005

Back to work

I had my second shift back at work today. Things are starting to fall back into place again - but there's still a lot of things that i've forgotten. The interesting thing is, at the moment there is actually a whole heap of different 'new' people there. First there's a couple of people who are actually new staff and have been around for maybe a month or so. Then there's myself, who's back after a six-month absence. Then comes Annie who was out for 12 months with some uni work experience programme and has just started again a week or two ago. And then, one of our older staff members, Carol, has just started back too after a 3 year absence.

So i guess i really shouldn't be complaining about having forgotten stuff huh.

As a totally unrelated aside, here's a photo i took the other day when i was feeling a little bit bored:
Dusk from my sister's room

Oh and I got a pleasant surprise the other day when i went to get myself some dinner at my regular chinese takeaway place in the foodcourt. They recognised me and were like, 'we haven't seen you for a long time!' and gave me staff discount too hehe. Although, considering i think i used to eat there about two out of every three days i worked, that might not be so amazing hehe. Busy was probably kinda slow without me around ^_^

In other news i'm still trying to decide whether or not i should stop playing badminton seriously. I've kind of lost the drive to really improve lately (which requires a lot more training), and i don't see a lot of point in just hanging around at the same level any longer. Especially with uni this year i don't know if i should be spending my time unproductively... Anyway i guess i will sleep on it.

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