Monday, March 21, 2005

Beaches and Birthdays

Well i finally decided that it's about that time again so here's something new for all you people out there to read. I was just flicking through my last few posts and realised that i never even posted anything about my little trip to Torquay (which is a place down south by the coast for you non-Melbournians ^_^).

I went with my family (mum, dad, sis and grandma) right after i got back from Japan and basically just lay around recovering from my last hectic week on exchange for a couple of days. Was really nice though - especially when the weather cleared up.

Here's a shot of the sign at the front of 'The Sands' Golf Resort down there

And of course, this is the reason why most people come to Torquay (pronounced Tor-kee). The beaches. Although i have a feeling we may not have been at the right one judging by the lack of people.

Still, having the beach almost all to yourself is definitely not a bad thing. It was a pity i spent so much time sleeping and not down there enjoying the sun on the sand...

And the place even looks chill at night too ~ One of these days i've got to organise a trip down with some friends

In more recent news, on saturday just passed, my friend Nancy had her 21st where there was lots of food, friends and funny speeches. Except for the one i gave, which was a bit hopeless because i only managed to write it about 10 minutes before i got there hehe. Oh well, ad lib all the way eh?

Myself, the birthday girl Nancy and Ez

Variety food ... The thing on the left is a piece of good ol' KFC. The Japanese stuff on the right was meant to be justification for eating oily things (like KFC hehe)

Rear: Me, Jon, Ez, Sam, Front: Clare, Nancy and Amelia. And if you look close you can see the cool personalised cakes she had... Although i must say that eating a piece of cake with that cat on it was a bit weird haha

Anyway time to go; keep in touch and take care all~

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nanshii said...

greetings from the bday gal =)

yes, strange to eat a piece of cake with a cat on it but how cute is it??

also... the reason we had the bucket of kfc was cuz i thought there wasnt enuf food... (how wrong i was)