Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Change of Plans

Today was one of those days where nothing seemed to be going quite to plan, but somehow turned out quite okay.

First, in the morning I went over to the repair centre with my parents to pick up the car and drive it home - only to find that they'd only repaired the front (and left the stuff at the back). No big deal, since we gotta take my dad's car in later on anyway - so they can look at it then.

Next thing was to try the car's spare key/remote: after having replaced the battery, it still doesn't seem to work. I even tried putting the battery in upside down, but alas that didn't seem to work either~ But i mean, it is a spare key after all so again it's one of those sort of minor annoyances that you can just ignore (and will probably turn into a major annoyance one day when the main key/remote runs out of battery)...

Then came the wonders of going to uni to do some study. Plan was simple: (1) go in to do some reading, (2) meet Chris, Michelle and Alex at 5pm in discussion room to talk about stuff from class, and then (3) go to uni badminton at 8pm.

Then i realised going to badminton was not really necessary and it would probably be quite crowded seeing as it was holidays anyway. Scrapped (3) and decided instead that (4) i'd drop off Grace's camera to her on the way in - and found out she was going in to uni too and (5) ended up taking her along.

When we got there, i was expecting it to be fairly empty and easy to find a spot to park, but of course, everbody decided that the hippest most awesome place to hang during the holidays was the university and there wasn't even a four-hour spot to be found. Settled for a two-hour spot, dragged all my stuff up to the law library and then realised i'd left my phone in the car. Good start Age. (>_<)

Started on (1) and read for maybe 30 minutes before (6) Clare dropped by to say hi for a while with some random articles about Tokyo station (in Japanese). My japanese seems to have run off even further down the metaphorical toilet. Found out that badminton at uni wasn't even on today which made me glad i'd changed my mind about (3)... Sort of lost motivation to work after that and (7) ended up taking a nap for about an hour.

Woke up, had to move the car (which i did) and did a little bit more (1) reading, then Lung msged to see if i wanted to (8) play badminton at Donvale, which after a few hours trying to look at a law textbook seemed like a pretty good idea. It then hit me that i knew next to nothing about how to answer the questions for the test i was studying for, but by then it was time for (2) at which point Alex messaged to tell me he couldn't come, leaving Chris, Michelle and i to puzzle it out.

After talking ourselves around in circles for about 45 minutes, (9) Charles luckily happened to be wondering around the LRC and came in to say hello. I say luckily because after talking to him for about 10 minutes we sort of realised we'd been on completely the wrong track and (we think) we are now on the right one. For some reason the LRC closed at 6pm so we thought we'd be smart and (10) move our disccusion to level 2 of the law building. But (11) we got kicked out about security 30 minutes later. Still, i guess we have a better idea of what we're doing than before at least.

After standing outside the law building for a bit, the three of us (Chris, Michelle and I) ended up (12) going eat KFC for dinner before we headed off. I think that's only the second time i've had KFC at uni this semester... (although i've probably been making up by having fried oily things from other places recently). On the way home, catastrophe struck again. Well okay not quite, but another change of plans. Lung called to tell me it looked like (8) badminton at donvale wasn't on. Actually apparently it didn't really look like anything at all, because he was just standing in the hall with all the lights off, but i think that was a pretty good indication of it not happening tonight. (^_^) So, we had the brilliant idea of instead popping over to (13) badminton at the doncaster hall. Which was a good idea until we realised since we were so late it might already be full ... But thankfully about 10 mins later Lung got there and called to give it the all green.

Got home just before 11pm, lacking motivation to read any more law ended up (14) watching some more 'Good Luck' (a Japanese drama) and (15) eating some more dinner before (16) starting to write this blog.

So in summary:
Today I managed to partially accomplish (1); got through (2) with minor ammendments (see (10) and (11)); decided to skip (3), ended up doing everything from (4) - (16) except for (8) which was replaced by (13). And all in all had a pretty good day.

And you know... that is starting to sound a lot like a judge interpreting legislation. (@_@) Note the clear conclusion but the lack of coherence to the common person in all parts preceding it ... Ahem, now i'm really rambling. I think it's time for me to get some sleep.

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