Saturday, March 05, 2005

Even more farewells

I only managed to fit in four of my farewells in the last post. There was actually one more little goodbye when i got home that night to the dorm. Despite being told about how awesome the view was from the roof of the dorm, i'd somehow managed to neglect to go up there in the five months of my stay in Japan... at least until then. It's really beautiful up there even though it's only 6 levels high - because there are no other tall building to block the view.

This is looking towards the station - that tall building on the left overlooks Shinkawasaki-eki

This is looking out towards Yokohama (i think...) Oh and i figured out how to stop my photos turning yellow at night too haha

Now the thing about the roof is there's actually a higher little tower thing you can climb up to where the lightning rod is (you know, the pole that sticks out of buildings so that lightning hits it instead of the building). That gives you an even better - albeit more windy - vantage point.

Here's Aaron and Ben taking it all in

Cheh and myself braving out the wind up there

All in all was real sad to have to say bye to the guys. Had a great time with everyone and hopefully one day we'll all meet up again... By the time we decided that it was too windy up there it was around 3 or 4am i think - which unfortunately left Ben no time to sleep before his plane ride out to Thailand. I did manage to get myself a bit of sleep before getting up early to finish off my packing tho. In the morning, i gave all my remaining cutlery/pots/and other miscellaneous things to Jakob (thanks Jakob!~) and had a nice last chat in my room. Hongo-san came up to make sure everything was going ok and brought me a whole lot of chocolates to take home too. I'm really grateful for being able to stay at Plume IS - it really was more than just accommodation, it felt like my second home.

Mrs Hongo and myself in my almost-ready-to-leave room

Sohei came to help me take all my luggage to the station at about 12.30 and i said my last farewell in the dorm standing in front of the elevator to Jakob - which was funny because i think it was right there that i met him; the very first person i met from the dorm. Down at the entrance with Hongo-san

My last meal in Japan was at a nice sushi place in Kawasaki where i had this assorted thing which consisted of sushi, salad, tempura and some miso soup. Definitely left me with some fond memories of the food...

Sohei and myself just before we started eating...

Sohei dropped me off at the station in true japanese-style: right on time to catch the Airport Narita train - which took me all the way to my last stop in Japan~

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