Sunday, March 27, 2005

More birthdays and beaches

So what's been up in my life in the last week or so? Well a lot of law reading and uni related stuff mainly. But funnily enough the two most interesting things once again involve beaches and birthdays. The easter break is here already - after only about a month back at uni - which is good since it gives me a chance to start catching up, and bad since it means we're going to have another 9 straight weeks of semester afterwards. I plan to start research for my assignments in the coming week...

On Wednesday this week i tried to go to this japanese language exchange session in the city; but when i got there i found it empty... guess they decided it was too close to the easter break. Luckily, Nancy convinced me to go shopping with her beforehand (where i ended up buying a pair of sneakers) so at least my hanging around until 7 o clock in the city wasn't a complete waste of time. On Thursday I was looking forward to having a nice relaxing end to the week, but got called into work all of a sudden because a couple of ppl were sick. Work was rather uneventful except for a rather spectacularly out of whack till count at the end of day...

Saturday night was when the fun began though. One of the girls at work, Ann, had her last shift and we all went out for a drink at Highpoint.

Drinks, pool and friends is usually a pretty good recipe for some fun - and i think it was a nice little farewell for Ann. From there, Mel, Ez and I grabbed some fast food for dinner and headed off to Chris and Eddie's 21st.

Me n Chris the birthday boy

The place was actually a breakfast/lunch place but they hired it out for special occasions at night, which meant it was a bit makeshift, but nice cozy place nonetheless. When we got there we were one of the first to arrive so it felt a bit funny having the whole place to ourselves, but it soon filled up and got quite lively.

Here is a photo of (probably) the only two sober people there (i.e. the responsible ones who gave us a lift home), Michelle and my sis Mel. Thanks for putting up with us all nite!

Of course, not having to worry at all about how to get home, with a nice big bar tab the alcohol was soon flowing pretty freely. Alex on the right here had a bit of a hard time giving a speech when he couldn't really stand straight... or at all really. He provided everyone with plenty of entertainment though~

I think i drank a bit too much too. Somehow I felt fine for most of the night until it all suddenly hit me... I think it must have been some weird side effect of eating Nandos chicken and beer cancelling out the effect of shots. Or they were using weird alcohol to make the drinks. Or something. I can remember everything from the start of the night quite clearly, but nothing from the end ... hmmm. I really don't know how everyone else fared, but by what i've heard there was plenty of other incapacitated drunk people around other than me haha.

I presume Sam here is closing Soh's mouth to stop him dribbling or something.

Not everyone was completely drunk though. I think. With the exception of Alex hanging in the background there, the rest of the crew here (Lisa, Susan, Michael and Bernice) all seemed to hold up well. All in all i (and most other people there too) had a fantastic night out. Big cheers to Chris and Eddie for hosting the party. And big happy birthdays too!

Today (Sunday) i woke up really nice and early and was feeling great - especially compared to how i was feeling by the end of last night. The weather wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't bad either so Sam, Soh, Grace and I headed down south to the beach. The drive took an hour and a bit but it went quite quickly since there was four of us to keep tihngs lively. We ended up not swimming a whole heap since it was quite cold, but Sam brought a long a soccer ball which kept us entertained for quite a while. We ended up stopping by to play some pool on the way home, before grabbing some dinner at a shanghainese place in Boxhill. Was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - but now i think it's about time for me to start knuckling down and getting started on some revision/research :( ~

Anyway, till next time!

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