Sunday, April 10, 2005

Another week over

This week has been rather unproductive uni-wise. After all those hours last week trying to study for my Constitutional and Admin Law Test, i spent most of my free time this week just being lazy and doing my own things.

Monday night went off and had a long needed game of badminton at doncaster. On Tuesday I finally had dinner with Aida whom i hadn't seen since getting back to Aus. Then i was working the late shift on Thursday and Friday which brought me all the way to the weekend pretty quickly.

Yesterday we had a family gathering for my cousin Carl's 21st. Was a fairly standard eat, drink and talk affair, but with food aplenty and some company, i'm not complaining.

Here's Carl stabbing his birthday cake

Our (well, for me anyway) long awaited comedy festival night finally arrived yesterday too. Somehow, we managed to get 12 people together for a table at the Comics Lounge where we saw 'Radio Wars'. There were four comedians, who were all from various Australian radio stations (altho i had not actually heard of any of them... lol)

Ez Soh and Alex

There was a rather funny MC too which kept the laughs going for almost the entire time. He was one of those guys who just kept on pulling out weird facial expressions for laughs - but in terms of impromptu comedic ability he was really really good.

Me and Mel

Nancy taking photos (as usual)

We all got there by about 8.15, but the show only started at about 9pm or so. Being provided with various sheets of paper which outlined other events happening at the Comics Lounge, we of course decided that some origama was in order. I think we managed almost a whole flock of swans...

Grace and I (and a swan)

Sam looking a bit annoyed for some reason, and Michelle

Afterwards we (minus Sam n Michelle) went off and had some ice-cream for dessert. Was a really nice night for it too since it'd been really warm during the day.. Really pleasant end to a fun night out.

Time to (try to) make up for my laziness this week. Laters. (^_^)


kAgE said...

wish i coulda come, but alas =) i had my good ol youth group :) next time i'll either get my yth grp to goto an event like this together, but it'll need prior notice, not like the day before =p hahaha otherwise make it on a diff night aids =p

Cmonski said...

最近学校やサークルや就職などにす~ごく忙しくなってるわ。1週間しかまだ春学期が始まってないけど、もう疲れてきて、これからパートもあるので、本当に早く急ぎに慣れたいな~ (o_O)"