Saturday, April 02, 2005

Birthdays ... and more birthdays

Photos anybody? After my last post i doubt anybody wants to see a whole heap of text with no pics ~

I've been spending the majority of my time studying for this mid-semester exam for one of my law subjects (which is rather uninteresting so i won't bore you going into details); but i suppose there are a couple of things worth sticking up here.

First, on Wednesday night we went out to dinner for Ez's birthday at some mexican place. Food was... different. Aside from the nachos, everything else kind of looked and tasted like mush to me. Maybe i just wasn't hungry.

Here's one table of ppl (Soh, Hwang, Tez, Ez, Grace, Eric):

This is the other table where i was sitting (Darren, Andrew, Ez, Paul, Karen, Mel):

After dinner we went off to sit at pancake parlour for a couple of hours. Was a bit weird since there was basically two separate friendship groups there and nobody made an effort to talk to people they didn't know... So half the table sat and talked, while the other half entertained themselves with cards... Great social skills, guys.

I'll stop complaining now. Thursday night was my cousin Carl's birthday, which was at the Glenferrie hotel. I think it was the first time all 'the cousins' have been out together in a long time. Had a really good time although the night had to be cut a bit short since i had to *sigh* study the next day.

This is the second gen cousins - Me, Bernard, Carl and Mel [Daron should be here but he's not 18 yet so i don't think he would have been able to get in (>_<) ]

The 'elders' (Alex and Brian) looking a little shonky (that's slang for 'shady' guys ^_^) ...

Does this look a bit off or is it just me?

Just sat around, talked, drank and generally had a good time. Alex gave me his usual lecture on life (which he seems to give me a lot when there's alcohol around... hmmm ^_^), being predominantly about beer and girls - altho in slightly less explicit terms. Didn't see much of Carl (the birthday boy) since he was busy floating around between all his different friends... Tab ran out pretty soon unfortunately but i guess it wasn't so bad since i was going anyway.

In more general news, I am starting to get quite sick of birthdays. And i need to start thinking about what to do for my 21st. Hmmm. Anyway, back to the books for now.

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