Monday, April 25, 2005

Recent happenings

After much procrastinating i have finally decided that it's about time to write something up here. Life seems to be getting quite routine again lately. Between going to class, trying to keep up with reading, and work on Thurs/Fri, the weeks seem to be all sort of blurring together.

For the last couple of weeks i've been having 8am starts on Monday morning which has not been fun. But from this week on it's back to normal (10am starts) again thankfully. I got my mid-sem mark back for Con & Admin Law. It proves that i really must have no clue in law: when i'd written it i thought i went quite well; when i looked at my mark i didn't even pass haha :) On the upside i got my mark for International Trade Policy mid-sem recently too. Despite not actually knowing it was on until about the day before (*note to self: read the lecture notes if you skip class*) i got a nice solid mark.

Last week tickets to the law ball finally went on sale. Unlike last year i thought i'd actually get there early to line up, and luckily i did too. Unlike last year there was quite a crowd of enthusiastic people already waiting there at about 10.30 even though tickets only went on sale at 1. I'm thinking next year it's going to start becoming like the commerce ball where you need to line up overnight just to get a place... Guess this will be the last time (and only time) i go to law ball then... Looking forward to it though; it should be a great nite out.

Somewhat unrelatedly, I've decided to start taking some japanese conversation classes, starting this Wed which will hopefully be a lot of fun. It's surprising how quickly you can forget things when you don't use them; just trying to organise where to meet and what to do in japanese was a bit of a struggle...

In keeping with the theme of jumping from one unrelated topic to another, on Saturday i went down to Area 61 in St Kilda for Susan, Alex and Kevin's party. Thanks to Mr. Hwang for giving me a ride there and back ^^

Ben, Grace and Tez

The crowd was predominantly Melb Uni students; particularly Melb Uni Law students... So i got to catch up with quite a few people who i don't see around uni that much these days. I also found out that i'm lapsing into my old habit of meeting people and promptly forgetting their names; which is particularly embarrassing when they don't forget yours... Anyway i will try my best :)

Sonia and I

My transport (aka Sam) and his other half (Michelle)

The place was quite a nice little bar/lounge sort of thing; we were upstairs and had running water down the windows (for looking) and even a chocolate fountain (for eating) which was good fun. It was a bit like a "make your own pocky" event since they provided some little breadstick things for us too hehe.

Don't you just love it when there's like 2 people taking photos at the same time? At least we got 3 out of the 5 looking the right way...

The speeches were quite drawn out and hard to hear in there unfortunately; and it didn't really help that about half the people, upon realising that, just decided to chat amongst themselves. But i think they were good fun for the school bunch who actually knew what they were talking about in the first place. I still managed to get a few laughs from them though.

Bernice and Susan the birthday gal

Oh and can anyone tell from the above pictures what the dress code was meant to be? If you can i think you are quite gifted ^^



Give up? Cocktail with 'a touch of red' ... If you look closely i think there's even a little hint in every pic up there. Although i must say, not everybody really put in a whole lot of effort ... *cough* yes that's you all you guys who said you were wearing red underwear *cough*.

Various people had my camera during the night, which was good since it gave me lots of random pix without any effort on my part.

Surprise! (Liz in the bak, Sam and me)

When we got there at about 9, the place was actually quite empty, but by about 10 it was pretty packed full of people. Thus, the tab on drinks sort of ran dry a bit earlier than i would have liked. The place actually opened to the public at 12:30 - which kind of ended the whole thing a bit early i thought. Still, it gave me a reason to go home and get some sleep at a reasonable hour...

Another random shot courtesy of some anonymous person with my camera

On the way to the car we ran into Lorretta (this is like at 1am on the street in St Kilda) who for some reason kept insisting that she wasn't drunk... Hmmm no comments there :P I hope she actually knew where she was going~ Anyway that was pretty much the last eventful thing i can remember for the weekend.

In more mundane news, i finally got the hard-disk i bought the other day to work. After about 5 hours of pulling apart the computer and putting it back together, i finally realised that it was some Intel program interfering with installation of drives bigger than 120gb!~ Talk about waste of time (>_<) !

Anyway that's all from me for now. Laters.

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