Sunday, May 29, 2005

Clare's 20th

Clare had her birthday party thingo last nite. We were meant to have steamboat (and we did) but even though we had 3 of the things it was taking aages to cook and we ended up ordering a couple of pizzas too haha. Still, there was plenty of food once things did get started cooking.

Amy (refusing to let me take a photo of her) and Peejade

Hero and Jay

Lavino n Clare

Clare and Amelia (and Draco)

Zel, Peejade, Clare and Amy

Sherise (after baileys and mountain dew #1)

Sherise (a bit later)

If you were wondering, she did recover after a bit of a time (passed) out hehe.

After having dinner we spent most of the nite playing this:

It's Cranium (its a board game that has a mixture of charades, pictionary, sculpting, general knowledge questions... all sorts of things). It's a lot of fun with enough people (who are willing to make a bit of a fool of themselves) - unfortunately nobody on my team seemed to know anything about Australia (and being the Australian version of Cranium a lot of the questions were kinda hard) ... Still i think we managed EQUAL last hehe :)

We all thought that this looked a bit more like something else... (so we thought we should write what it was meant to be on the top)

I think they somehow managed to get the right answer for that one (after a few rather wrong guesses ehhe). What was funny was that wasn't even one of those blind drawings (where you have to draw with your eyes shut)... My blind drawing of a pirate had his eyes not even on his head haha ^_^

We actually were having fun despite what this photo looks like hehe

Had a really good time, but didn't stay too late so i could get up earlyish (for me) to study hehe. Guess i should get to it.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Studying for exams

Yep, I'm pleased to say i actually did spend the majority of my day today doing just that. After spending about an hour or so trying to decide whether i'd go into uni to study or just stay at home, eventually my natural tendency to be lazy got the better of me and i just cleared my desk and got started. I'm starting to realise how much there really is to 'revise' (maybe learn is a better word)...

I've probably told a lot of u ppl this before, but the funny thing is i'm still waiting for the stress-factor to kick in. Even though i probably don't have enough time to study for my two law subjects, not to mention my commerce one that's on the first day of exams, the whole stress thing is kind of missing. This whole semester has kind of been like that for me. I mean, i've had to stay up late doing assignments and stuff sure, but even then there wasn't really any 'stress'. It was more like a 'sigh, i wish i'd already finished this' sort of a feeling. Maybe i'm just not really interested in uni anymore (or at the moment)...

I think i actually work better under stress. Or at least some sort of pressure. Normally if I don't feel like doing my work, i just leave it and when the due date starts looming i somehow find motivation. Now that isn't happening... I'm sure there's probably some of you reading this who are wondering why the crap i'm complaining about not being stressed... I'm actually not trying to complain, i just thought it was sorta interesting. It's making it a bit hard for me to relate to some ppl atm too. Like, ppl who are on the other end of the spectrum, and really stressed out about exams hehe ^_^

On a somewhat related note, i've managed to put my sleeping pattern way out of whack in the last couple of days (yep, hence the 3am blogs).. But i still can't really work out what i'm doing with myself until so late all the time. Speaking of which, i think i should stop writing this before it gets even later. Catch.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Picture goodness

Here's some shots from Simon's 21st the other nite. All in all a very pretty affair.

Candle-lit entrance anyone?

Sophistication *cough*

The bunch (most of)

Things are looking up...

Did i say pretty?

Or did i say pretty. Lucky Simon.

(Pretty) Alcoholic jelly!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


My Con & Admin essay is.

Recent stuff:
Friday night: Simon's 21st
Saturday: Had lunch wif Madoka
Sunday: Went to see Starwars Ep 3

I think i should sleep.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Wasting Time

Spent today doing very little again. Stayed up too late trying to fix my laptop so i didn't have much of a morning. So i did absolutely nothing on my essay (due in 4 days and counting). One thing i did get done (finally) today was my passport. I've been putting off getting it renewed for quite a while now, but with my trip back to Japan coming up i thought it was about time to stop procrastinating.

Actually getting it processed was a bit harder than expected. Got there, lined up and presented the form, only to be told that it wasn't acceptable because (1) it wasn't signed in BLACK pen (i signed in blue) ... and (2) the photos weren't endorsed with my FULL name on them (they had 'Adrian Lim' and not 'Adrian SHEN-AN Lim' on them...). Sigh. After a bit of running around to get those things fixed (thanks for being guarantor for me Ez!) they did accept it though.

It wasn't all bad though. While i was there i did manage to get my license photo updated so i should receive my full one in a couple of weeks! No more P plates for me ^_^ Went and got a drink after that from some smoothie place in the shopping centre. I ordered something which was meant to be orange flaovoured but turned out something rather closely resembling frozen lemon juice. It was souuurrrrr. The other eventful thing was running into Anne while i was at the supermarket! Been such a long time since i've seen her.. It really reminded me how easy it is to lose touch with people...

Oh and my doggy got a haircut ! Can YOU spot the difference ? ^_^



And now it's almost time to head off to Simon's 21st ... Guess my essay will have to wait hehe.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Time is flying again

Just when i thought i was getting settled into the rhythm of things again i've suddenly found myself way behind in what i have to do with no time to do it. With two essays due pretty soon, and exams coming up things are getting more and more hectic every day. And what's worse is i seem to have contracted some sort of attention deficit disorder whenever i'm in my room at my desk.. I somehow manage to get almost nothing done even if i'm at home all day on the weekend.

Solution? Stay at uni. Yesterday i somehow managed to make myself sit in the library from when i finished class at 4 till about 9pm.. Although i actually was reading cases/articles for the majority of the time, i still don't feel like my research progressed much...

Today was like a bad case of relapse. In my 3 hour break i was planning to do some more reading/planning for my essay. Instead I ended up: going to get free pizza courtesy of the ILSS (international law students society); forgetting to go to the Japanese club AGM; going to Eric's japanese class; and then going to muck around on the pianos in the music practice rooms.

Then tonight instead of staying late in the library, i took myself for a run on the track (was so coldddd ...) and then came home. And then instead of sitting down to study i went out to dinner wif Aida. Still not quite ready to my essay, i went and plonked myself on MSN for an hour or two when i got back. And now i'm writing this ^_^. So yes, if i don't get started writing tomorrow i may be in some very real trouble. To stay at uni or not to stay at uni, that is the question...

On a completely unrelated note, since i don't think i've posted any pics of my doggy up here i thought tonight was a good opportunity :)

Yeah she kinda needs a haircut... Those eyebrows are starting to cover up her eyes again ~

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Japan Festival

Today, still suffering from my post-law ball motivational issues, i decided that instead of doing my research essay i'd go down to Boxhill for the annual (i think it's annual...) Japan Festival. I think that's the most japanese people i've ever seen in one place in Australia in my life. There was even more than there is at the Sydney Opera House on a sunny day...

There was a range of various japanese 'cultural' displays/demonstrations on ranging from いけ花 (flower arrangement) to 剣道 (sword fighting thing) and various food stalls. Was semi-interesting. What was more fun was just hearing lots of japanese again.. and getting to speak a little.

Madoka (my tutor) came down at about 3pm; but was complaining mainly about how stuff didn't really look authentic, was ridiculously expensive, and stuff like that. Still she seemed to have fun. I got to meet the other student that she tutors properly too. He's lived in Japan for a while so his vocabulary is quite extensive in some of the 'non-textbook' areas. I thought it was quite funny when he gave Madoka money for his class the other day and announced (in japanese and quite loudly) that it was payment for recent sexual favours. To which Madoka just told him that it's pretty cheap for someone so good looking. ^^ Yep they're both lotsa fun..

Ran unexpectedly into a couple of other people there (Nancy/Glen, Akira) too which probably shouldn't have been so unexpected. I managed to meet some of my cousin's Japanese teachers too since they were there as well. All of them seemed pretty nice and bubbly...

With the number of times i kept hearing "huhhhhh what are you doing here??" (in japanese) I suspect most of Melbourne's Japanese population turned up today..... The more the merrier right?

Anyway that's all from me for now.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Law Ball '05

Yep, this year's law ball finally came around. Was held at the Crown Palladium and it was awesome. Slogan for the night was 'our balls are huge' and it was pretty fitting. There was something in the vicinity of 1200-1300 hundred ppl there.

Didn't go with my usual crowd, and i met up unexpectedly with quite a few people i hadn't seen in a while which made it all the more memorable. Anyway, pictures probably do a better job of recounting the night so without further ado:

The guys from my table: Ez, Chris, Alex, Raggu

The gals: Lee Lian, Grace, Pey, Mai, Bernice

The first course ...

Ben and Alex

Michael and Grace

Egg plant the size of a steak

Chris and Mai

Nancy and Glen

Clare and Me

Me and Simon

(Dunno what i did to this photo but it looks cool): the PLC girls

Gloria and I

Bernice Ez and Tash

Tash and B/f

Grace and I

Wen, Me, Jasmine and Krys

More food: the main course (tasted kinda like cardboard as usual)

Ez and Lee Lian

Jasmine, Krys and Wen

Monday, May 09, 2005

Some pictures

Finished my native title exercise finally... Too tired to write a proper blog. Here's some pics instead.

Shot from birthday dinner the other night at Tea House

What we weird asian people eat at yum cha: phoenix claws (more commonly known as chicken feet)

Egg tarts.

Mmm, i'm getting hungry posting pictures of food up. I think that'll do for now.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Looking Back

Wow. In all the busy scrambling to keep up with uni etc since getting home from exchange, i'd completely forgotten one of the original reasons i started this. As selfish as it might sound, it was as much for me to read and remember my trip by as it was for all you avid readers to keep up to date. And just flicking through a few of the posts i'm really glad i kept it updated so regularly.

It's like having a little window back into the past; when i read the posts it really stirs the memories of all the great (and not so great) times i had there. I suppose it's because I can relate perfectly to everything i posted (it was me writing it after all~). But it's so interesting to see how things have changed; or maybe just how my perspective on things has changed; or heck, maybe it's actually me who's changed... i don't know. But for those of you who do keep a regular (or even irregular) blog, take 30 minutes to go back 3 months and see what you were up to. I guarantee it will be an interesting ride.

And i'd just like to give a big thanks to all the people who wished me happy birthday for the other day ^^! Can't believe i'm already 21...

Monday, May 02, 2005

I should sleep

... but i think if i don't post this now it won't get done for another week. Sorry that it's been a while since i updated this again; i keep managing to putting it off. It's kind of late right now so i'll make this predominantly picture based.

Been quite busy with all my uni related stuff lately, but over the weekend i actually managed to play some badminton which was a nice break from it all. In fact, i got a bit carried away and probably played too much - judging by the way i'm sort of aching right now ... and the fact that i haven't done any of the uni related things i was meant to have done over the weekend (>_<).

Today we had a rather last minute family gathering for my up-and-coming birthday.

Here's the obligatory chicken wings (after i was allowed to eat some while bbqing the rest of the food ... @_@)

The weather was about as good as i could have asked for so we made the most of it by hanging around outside in the sun ...

I even had a cake (actually two)... on which for some reason we only put one candle. Hmm... I just realised how weird this photo is too - from the left we've got chinese tea, sprite, VB (Aussie beer), and birthday cakes ... and if you thought that was a weird combination, look closely and there's sliced lemons on a plate behind the cake too haha. If you're wondering, the lemons were for the mee-goreng (Malaysian/Indian fried noodle thing) we had.

Me cutting the cake while i was meant to be standing in a photo

Half the photo after people came and stood in it

The other half of it (kinda ..)

Not quite sure what we were trying to accomplish here ... but my uncle in the background looks a bit confused tho ^_^

Oh and in other news i finally managed to catch Ben at home (そう・・ベン、これって読んでるなら電話しようとしてるとき、いつも外出中みたいよ!毎日遊びばかりかな) and managed to find out a little of what's been going on over there in the land of the rising sun in recent times. And I was reminded once again of how weird the Australian accent sounds...

Anyway that's all from me for now!